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Davy Jones – Monkees Front Man Dies of a Massive Heart Attack.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Davy Jones

Fresh faced and bright eyed, Davy Jones was the heartthrob lead singer of the manufactured 60’s pop group “The Monkees”. There have been several attempts to market pop group through TV but to this day I don’t believe that any were as successful as the Monkees were. The group were known for such hits as “Daydream Believer”, “Last train to Clarksville” & “I’m a Believer”. After the Monkees disbanded in 1971, he returned to acting, something he had done from an early age. Today Davy who now lived in Florida today died of a sudden heart attack. He was 66 years of age.

DavyJones natal

Davy was born on 30th December 1945 in Manchester, England. He was a Sun sign Capricorn with a rather intense Scorpio Moon. This is a very ambitious combination, one which needed to have control of one’s destiny and I suspect within the group dynamic, Davy would have been a driving force. This ambition would have been very strong with Saturn quindecile to his Sun, yet he would have had a reserved even shy side to his nature. It is said that he was present as part of the cast of Oliver on the Ed Sullivan Show on the same night that the Beatles made their US TV debut and seeing the reaction of the women to their performance he knew where he wanted his career to go.

The link to music and performance was easy to see with Neptune in Libra square to his Capricorn Sun. This desire to perform was instilled in him from an early age, he was appearing on British TV as a child actor as young as 11. This Neptune also was part of mini grand trine connected by trine to Uranus and sextile to Pluto. Uranus’ link to Neptune would have conferred talent and a bit of an electric buzz to his performance as well as an independent streak, the lead singer always in a group always likes to stand out. This effect was doubled by Pluto in Leo which wants to be a person of note; somebody famous.

This Pluto was also at the point of a wedge formation including a Uranus in Gemini opposition to Mercury in expansive Sagittarius. Here was a rather childlike side to him allied with a wicked sense of humor. With such a Mercury influence here with Uranus in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) I can bet he was hugely talkative and you probably would struggle to shut him up. Mercury in Sagittarius thinks big and wants to communicate with the world. Though his musical talent he did just that.

Jupiter in Libra square to Saturn and Mars in Cancer showed a diplomatic side to Davy which would have shone through if there were arguments, which I bet there were often within the group. Saturn square to Jupiter is disciplined enough to know that Rome was not built in a day, and one would have to work hard to achieve fame and success; that work and ambition (Saturn) of course would allow him to travel widely (Jupiter). Jupiter square to Mars is very energetic and is always on the look out for new ways to succeed. This aspect showed that Davy was a risk taker and would never be completely satisfied with his lot in life, one could always achieve more and do better. Saturn sitting with Mars showed a persistence to his character, to keep going even when the chips were down. One interesting side effect of this Saturn/Mars square to Jupiter. At age 14 because of his short stature, Davy briefly became a jockey. Saturn shows career, Mars shows sport and the link to Jupiter associated with Sagittarius the Centaur which of course rules horses.

The Scorpio Moon brings a quiet secretive and magnetic feel to the personality, maybe that’s why girls flocked to see the group, and he became a teenage idol. Saturn and Mars made trines to the Moon cooling the emotions quite a bit and allowed hit to deal with emotional issues in a frank and straightforward manner. On those relationships, Venus just in Capricorn received a quindecile from Uranus in changeable Gemini. To be truthful, this connection would not have given him much patience in love. Often relationships under such an influence would start up very suddenly, however the excitement would soon drain away. While he was not one to hang around if the relationship should show signs of failure, Mars in Cancer shows someone who would protect his family unit strongly should it be threatened. Davy was married 3 times and on his death, he was survived by his 3rd wife Jessica and by 4 daughters.

DavyJones transits

The transits on the day of his death showed transiting Pluto in conjunction with his Sun so a big change in his life due (Pluto is associated with death). Interestingly too that transiting Jupiter was trine to the Sun (conjunct transiting Pluto) and I have often seen that when it is one’s time to leave, Jupiter does play a significant role. Mercury part of that close Uranus/Mercury/Pluto wedge was square to the nodal axis which often shows a sudden event that you have little control over. Transiting Mars was square that same Uranus opposition to Mercury, might Davy had had an ascendant ruled by Mercury, either Virgo or Gemini? With Mercury involved a lot in the transits of the day, it does seem feasible? Transiting Saturn was square to natal Mars. Without an accurate birth time it is difficult to speak more about the circumstances of his passing, especially in looking at the midpoints.  

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