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David Cameron & Nick Clegg – The Honeymoon is Over

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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Sorry that I haven’t been blogging so much recently. I have had a few other priorities in my life other than writing, as sometimes happens. This is going to be a short but interesting piece, especially I suspect for followers of the British political scene. The recent perceived disagreements between Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and his Liberal Democratic coalition partner Nick Clegg took a turn for the worse this week as Clegg (pro-European) failed to appear at the House of Commons in support of the Prime Minister after he failed to come to any agreement with European colleagues in Brussels at a summit where the future of the Euro and the make-up of the European Union were at stake. By leaving the negotiations, Britain has been left “on the side-lines” as the other EU members discuss closer economic union as a way of solving the crisis engulfing the continent.

NickCleggDavidCameron combo

Now I have Cameron’s full birth details but not Clegg’s but making a composite chart of the two. It is interesting to note that no matter what time Clegg was born, there exists a Venus/Moon square on their composite chart. They also have a composite t-square involving Uranus conjunct the Midheaven and Pluto and Saturn and the composite ascendant. Here is the signature of their relationship, Saturn being the conservative force, Uranus being the far more radical Liberal one held together by a common ascendant. Pluto in the mix shows the power of their joint position and Midheaven indicates the public face of their union. This axis is made into a wider kite formation including the Moon and a stellium of Mercury Neptune Sun & Mars. Strong sharp (Mercury/Mars) words hide behind the veil (Neptune) of 10 Downing Street.

Between these two there will be an uneasy tension on a relationship level (Moon/Venus) and on a philosophical one (Saturn/Uranus). Now it just so happens that these tensions aspects are both being hit at the same time. The composite Venus is being hit by transiting Saturn activating the composite Venus/Moon square and transiting Uranus is now moving forward again and exactly hitting Saturn and this activating the kite encompassing almost all the planets on the chart. Uranus as we know from my blog shows rebellious action, exactly the type shown by Clegg in his non-appearance at Parliament yesterday. More interesting though are the movements of Saturn. Saturn can be a relationship breaker when it hits Venus (and also the Moon) and it’s recent hit at 25 degrees Libra is the first of three on the composite planet and the square aspect. This is the first big test of their relationship. The cracks would have started to show in the last week of November and 1st week of December away from public eyes as the Euro crisis deepened. Uranus turning direct on 10th December brought the simmering relationship problems into the open (opposite the composite Midheaven).

NickCleggDavidCameron transit

Saturn will make it’s 2nd retrograde pass of 25 Libra in April 2012 when I think things could get yet worse between the two, and will make a final pass over this point in August 2012. This is a time normally of summer recess in the UK parliament, but I wonder if some political crisis may bring the downfall of the coalition at that point? At the very least I can the personal relationship between the two hanging by the proverbial thread, threatening the future of the government.

UnitedKingdom transit

On looking at the UK national chart for that point in August next year, transiting Pluto will be exactly square the UK Ascendant, and the close nature of the Uranus/Pluto square of that time means that  transiting Uranus will be on the UK descendant. The transiting nodes will also be square the UK Pluto which will also be being hit by transiting Neptune. In my opinion, a transformation of sorts in the UK next summer is almost certain, and the influence of Neptune which rules the 6th house of the working classes and public services on Pluto which rules the 2nd house of finance, I can see a lot of disruptive action taking place, just as the UK entertains the world during the Olympic Games. Inside the corridors of Westminster and outside of Parliament in the form of protests, we in Britain could see a summer of major discontent.

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