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David Cameron is a Repulsive Maggot

Posted on the 11 October 2015 by Calvinthedog

When David Cameron was elected, I had no idea he would be this bad. Of course, he’s a Tory, and that’s terrifying right there, but everyone kept telling me that he was a “moderate Tory” and that “Thatcherism was dead.”

I am now starting to think that Cameron is actually worse than Margaret Thatcher, now the reigning queen of Hell. The reason is that for all of Thatcher’s vile philosophy, the truth is that she hardly got anything done. She started out pretty radical, and she did push through some radical policy by breaking the miner’s strike.

But my understanding is that she soon ran into a huge roadblock, and soon all she had achieved was one of the worst polarizations in modern British history. Sure, half the population was smitten with her, but the other half pretty much wanted to murder her and for good reason.

The climax or nadir of her massive fail was when she tried to push through an outrageous poll tax. There were actual political riots in the streets (rare for the reserved British), complete with police on horseback trying to reign in the outraged crowds. Virtually half the nation, tens of millions of people, rose up in outraged hatred against the British Prime Minister.

She had to backtrack on her poll tax, and she spent the rest of her terms mostly talking a good game but at the end of the day, accomplishing little to nothing due to the horrific polarization and massive deadlock she engendered. She ended up saying that she wished she could abolish the NHS, but it was not doable under current conditions. Her term ended not with a bang but with a whimper.

One truly awful thing she did accomplish was to create a brand new group of British people who delighted in calling themselves “Thatcherites.” This were mostly the old British upper class, now transmuted into a Frankenstein version of what they used to be.

Another huge component was an upper middle class, the top 20% of the income bracket, who made out very well under Thatcherite neoliberalism. As you know, the top 20% always cleans up under pure neoliberalism, while the bottom 80% generally loses money.

So there’s your 80-20 redpill rule again, this time in economics. The top 20% get all the money (in the redpill version, all the women) while the bottom 80% gets screwed out of the money (in the redpill version, screwed out of the women).

This monstrosity called the “Thatcherite” was a fairly new thing in British politics. The Tories have always been as horrid as the rigid British class structure itself, but in the past there used to be a sense of at least noblesse oblige and a tendency towards charity among the British upper class.

Thatcher managed to convince the British ruling class, apparently to their delight, that they no longer owed one dime to anyone below them, as the position of their lessers was all down to the fault of the poorer, and helping them was just rewarding them for failure. In other words, if you weren’t rich, it was your own damn fault, and because you screwed up, so the rest of society owed them nothing. Reaganism all the way across the pond.

It is this Frankenstein monster of “I don’t owe you a thing” that has become, frighteningly, a huge part of the British body politic. Thatcher is wildly popular with millions of Brits. And millions of other hate her guts. When she died, there were wild cheers of schadenfreude across the land along the lines of “Ding dong, the witch is dead!” There were also wild riots across the UK, and she was burned in effigy all over the land. One got the impression that her haters would dig up her grave and put a stake through her heart if they could.

Margaret Thatcher still has many fans, but it’s also true that she is probably the most virulently hated public figure in modern British history.

After she left power, the Tories tried to reconfigure themselves, as Thatcherism had essentially been rejected by the British masses since the Poll Tax Riots. Although they never came out and said it, the Tories spent the next 25-30 years walking back from Thatcherism and reassuring everyone that they had renounced the philosophy and would never propose it again.

Until the election of “moderate” David Cameron who is actually much worse than Thatcher herself. That is because the Iron Lady could get virtually noting done because she was so hated, but on the other hand, Cameron seems to be succeeding in pushing through many of the regressive policies that Thatcher failed to enact. He’s worse because he is actually accomplishing the goals of Thatcherism, all while his party dishonestly insists that it has jettisoned the philosophy.

That there is a progressive press in the UK has to be some sort of a cruel joke. The Guardian is supposedly a leftwing mag, but there hasn’t been anything Left about it for a long time now. Sure they supported Tony Blair, but Blair was a Tory wolf in Labor sheep’s clothing. One could easily say that Blair was one of the finest Tory presidents the British have ever had. He spent most of his term dismantling everything Labor had painstakingly built over decades.

Labor has now elected a true leftwinger in Jerome Corbyn. If the Guardian was really a leftwing rag, they would support him. Instead the Guardian (along with the entirety of the rest of the British press) has declared all out war on him.

Really the entirety of the British mass media has declared total jihad against Corbyn. Obviously he’s hitting the Tory crowd and the Labor Fake Left where it hurts. The British mass media is so horrid that I figure anyone who has united the entire British presstitute class against them probably can’t be all bad.

Cameron is threatening to enact some of the most regressive policies in decades, effectively rolling back much of the progressive policies Labor has enacted since World War 2. He’s trying to turn the UK into the United States.

Cameron is in effect imposing the death penalty against British social democracy. All of this is occurring amidst a lot of fake soothing language that says that the Tories are not really doing anything radical at all. In fact, they are simply tinkering around the edges of the system and making it work better by ridding it of all of the cheats and frauds. As long as you’re not ripping off the system, you’ll be ok.

At the same time as the Tories recite the phony “Don’t worry, we are only enacting very mild changes that won’t hurt a soul” rhetoric, they have launched a huge campaign against the largely phony problem of “scrouncers, ripoffs, cheats and frauds.” The Tories have actually declared war on the British disabled population using rhetoric that in effect labels them all as fakers and phonies cheating the system.

This has created the predictable fascist reaction amongst the British public, a fascism that is familiar to any American alive since Reagan. A fascism that grabs a man in a wheelchair, throws him out of his chair and into the gutter while pummeling him with fists. This fascist behavior is now part of the American Way, right up there with baseball and flag.

There have been a horrifying series of often violent attacks against disabled people, including folks in wheelchairs. When the disabled are not physically assaulted, they are showered with abuse and even spit on. “Scroungers!” It’s as if fascism has finally come to the UK after all these years of saying, “It can’t happen here.” The sane faction British of the British population is almost in armed uprising against Cameron and his phony crew, and many are swearing they will leave the country if the Tories push through their changes.

One of the worst parties in all of this is turning out to be the Liberal Democrats. The Lib Dems are supposedly some sort of hip, cool British equivalent of Silicon Valley modernist types. They are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, which a lot of people think is boss and modern and all that. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative is a great description of the fake “progressive capitalists” of the US Bay Area.

These groovy Lib Dem hipsters have combined their support of gay rights, abortion, pot and all that hip stuff with the complete backing of the entire Tory proto-f0ascist project. The traditional media line has been that the LibDems are some sort of centrists or moderates, but no party that supports this Tory project can be moderate in any way.

What’s really going on here is that the UK is turning into America. I am not sure what that is going to look like, but any country that is trying to turn into the US is guaranteed to suck no matter what the model ends up like.

One would think that Cameron’s foreign policy could not possibly be worse than his bottomfeeder domestic policy, but just when you thought Cameron couldn’t get any worse, his foreign policy knocked on the door. And yes, it’s worse. He’s following the US sheepishly even worse than Blair ever did. He’s almost declared war on Russia, and Cameron has been backing Al Qaeda all the way in Syria for some time. The MI6 has been in Turkey for years now supporting Al Qaeda.

A lot of people are talking about how this massive migrant wave is going to destroy the UK. Normally I would be against such a Camp of Saints anticivilizational project, but looking at the pond scum the British have been voting in lately, I am now inclined to think that the British people deserve every bad thing that is going to happen to them in the next few years. The British people and the British state are simply not worth saving. If the migrants are there to destroy the UK, I am about ready to say, “Good!”

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