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David Breashears: Rivers of Ice

Posted on the 11 October 2011 by Exceedpossibility @exceedpossible
Film maker and Mountaineer David Breashears has been studying at the disappearance of Himalayan glaciers since a trip in 2007 struck a cord and led to a second life dedicated to raising awareness of the melting of these important formations of ice. Glaciers in the Himalayas provide water to a huge proportion of the Asian continents population and are a good indicator of global temperatures, the fact they are melting indicates a rise in temperatures. Using historical photographs taken by George Mallory, among others, Breashears is able to clearly show the drastic melting over time.
My degree in Geography has taught me a huge amount about Glaciers and global warming, I'm currently doing a dissertation on glacial environments which means this cause is incredibly close to my heart also. On my trip to Everest last year I was amazed at the size of the glaciers but even more shocked by the clear reduction in their size - the Khumbu glacier is visibly tiny compared to its former glory; the moraines it formed and glacial till it deposited are clear indicators of its former extent
David Breashears set up GlacierWorks to build awareness and teach people about how the actions of us (humans) is impacting the glacial ice of the world, which in turn puts the lives and welfare of millions at risk.
I urge you to watch this video and spread the word about the amazing work David Breashears and GlacierWorks are doing: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-15216875.

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