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Dau Go Cave - a Beautiful Cave in Halong Bay

By Khanhpv

Dau Go's width 5000m2 wooden hole, lying at the height of 27m above sea level and the formation of the age. ". The first hole: cloud wood between the water sky beautiful Ha Long Bay, a cave man's name is very simple: cave animal head wood.


 The cave on the island of wood. From a distance, a blue hole is a picture of a jellyfish built in the sea cave stone, the 90 level to the door. Arch hole about 25m high hundreds, he falls from the high giant stalactites, like a strange waterfall.

The cave door area

The cave is divided into three. Stop outside the arch shaped with natural light, Chen Dong is a huge "oil painting", describing the natural landscape and natural forests of stalagmites and stalactites more colors to create a lot of strange shapes can be adjusted according to the situation Have rich imagination: those who find elephants eat deer, I at a loss I sleep lion forest, the sound, the following is a turtle in a swimming pool in the water. I stand in the arch hole, feel like standing in an ancient castle, there is a road, the magnificent building.


The first stop, through a narrow door, let me in the second caves. In the light of blurred images, a new shiny mysterious. These flowers stone looming, these images are just familiar and unfamiliar, let fear and curiosity to stop the third hole, hole heart suddenly enlarged. The cave is the end of a four wells water Yingying, full flow. Imperceptibly I look at the top of the light, my confusion, is the image of the city around her, a melee battlefield where the elephant, horse, and horses are surrounded by knives and spears, Fenpi, C She like suddenly trapped in rocks.

The formation of these blocks of limestone stalactites, the image is very beautiful and unique

The name of the Dau Go, the ancient legend said: anti resistance in the Mongolian army, Chen Xingdao ready to stake the cells to plug in the Baiteng River, creating a fight. The famous history. Then there are many remaining pieces of wood, so called wood cave is the first. Also called the Dau Go, because according to legend, this is for you to post Lynn Chen Xing daocang combat troops in the anti - white ass.

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If the automatic fine magnificent heavenly palace, modern, quiet and noble head wood is magnificent. The merveille de Monde (the miracle of the world) in 1938 the French publishing professional tourist attractions introduction to the world famous Dau Go is the first generation of merveilles (the miracle) Grotte). This is like a head hole. A wood community of ancient building, beautiful and original quiet many pillars, stone, small stalagmites stands, like flying in the sky......

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