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Datsun and Urban Cross

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay
"Oh my god! That's a woman behind the wheel!
Mataji /Auntyji, careful!!!"
Yup...this comes from hubby dear mostly.
And if you are a guy...if you haven't said that aloud you've thought that.
No ifs or is in your genetic makeup.
God told us....
And some writer did too when he wrote about the differences between the sexes. And why women aren't apparently good drivers.
I'm not planning to counter the statement,but I've seen enough bad male drivers too.
Well I'm among the better women drivers! Mind you , hubby dear doesn't subscribe to this idea though. But my dad does. After all he's the one who taught me to drive. And he has no inhibition in handing over the wheel to me and relaxing in the back seat.
That doesn't stop him back seat driving though .
Well,the men have immense faith in Sedans.  Me, I've been haranguing for my own car.
And these new babies look pretty good. The lime green Neon type cute Datsun redi-GO  Urban Cross looks especially happening.
I love the fact that the price is so competitive. A small amount of money, with the base model starting at 2.4 lakhs, which is a small amount for a car this richly endowed with features. So for a second car in the family this is a fantastic excuse to take the car out for a spin.
I love the fact that it is higher than cars in its segment. The ground clearance is high. And the seats are high. Also the wind screen is V.A.S.T. Huge. You can be sitting atop Mt Everest and driving in a city.
That seems to be a fabulous feeling. That and the fact that I will not have crouch or lift my sari to display my sexy legs to all and sundry while getting in to drive  the car. Also I will not need to take my heels off, the leg room and the height will make it easier o drive in stilettos or wedges.
The other thing I love about this cute car is the fact that the steering wheel is light and dexterous. A small turning radius and a light steering wheel will allow me to park the car super easily. Its a  nightmare parking a big car. Even with the sensors. For this car, I don't think I'll need to spend 20000 rupees to install a sensor.
And of course that steering wheel would allow me to drive with ease in the necessity to change gears. So the arm work out will be done in the gym, right where it should be done.
After driving an antiquated old small car, I'd love to take this cute little redi-GO for a long drive. With my Punjabi bhangra rap and maybe a Soul sister type friend for company on the Noida -Greater Noida expressway. All 24 km of smooth ribbon like road and back to the maddeningly crazy Delhi drive.
Those 48 km would be so much fun...with the car running super efficiently on the fifth gear ,the engine humming in pleasure,in tune to the beat of my music and the suspension absorbing all the jerks that there are. I'm sure I won't be weaving in and out of lanes, no that's for city driving. What I would love to see is how stable the car is at speeds like 90kmph . I'm not looking to go faster... but it would be interesting to see if the car wobbles, as most small cars do at high speeds.
Oh and I would love to see if the air conditioning is effective in the Indian summer . It's only going to get warmer. And of course ,I'd  love to verify the claim of the 25 plus km to a liter of petrol.
And I'd like to see if this is a girl friendly car too. I hate it when cars expect you to move too many muscles while driving. And is the storage space enough for a woman drivers hairbrush and her tote bag and that extra pair of shoes...
Being able to drive and not having to depend on a hubby or brother or cab driver is such a blessing. The confidence that it gives is amazing. And all girls deserve it. If this car can give you the fun, the freedom and confidence...redi-GO  for it.
Datsun and Urban Cross

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