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Date with Rannvijay Singh!!

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
Date with Rannvijay Singh!!
Have you found your Perfect Match? Log on to Pond’s India Facebook page to find out!
You have heard of genetic DNA, but have you heard of social DNA? Pond’s White Beauty presents ‘The Pond’s Perfect Match Contest’, a perfect opportunity for you to find your perfect match from your list of friends on Facebook, win a ‘dream date’ with the charming hunk – Rannvijay Singh and a chance to feature on the cover of one of India’s leading women’s magazine.
What are you waiting for? Participate now by visiting
You are one in a gazillion. All your little charming quirks, interests, likes and dislikes add up to making you who you are, beautifully rare! This is what we call Social DNA. So how can you find your Perfect Match? Just log onto the Pond’s India Facebook page and enter the Pond’s Perfect Match App which scans your Social DNA and finds you with the highest compatible match from your Facebook list of friends.
Make sure you also enter the contest to know if you are the perfect match for Rannvijay Singh! Girls, if you score the highest on compatibility with Rannvijay, you can win an iPod shuffle for the day, every day till 25th May 2012!
Four lucky shortlisted girls with the highest match score with Rannvijay will be groomed by a panel of experts from Pond’s! And this is not all, the most compatible amongst the four wins a dinner date with the dreamy Rannvijay in a beautiful yacht setting. She will also be given a glamorous makeover and be featured on the cover page of one of India’s leading women’s magazine. Wait, there’s more! Share the application link with your blog readers and the top 3 blog posts can also win an iPod shuffle! So log on to , share with your friends and find your Perfect Match right away!
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So, how many of you are in for this contest?
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Date with Rannvijay Singh!! 
 Thank you for reading!!   Date with Rannvijay Singh!!

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