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Daniel Craig – The Bond Actor with a Warrior’s Attitude.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Daniel Craig walks down the red carpet tonight at the Royal Albert Hall on the occasion of the official Premiere in London of Skyfall, the latest Bond film and Daniel’s third appearance in the iconic role of James Bond. Many think that Daniel is the best Bond since the original actor who took up the role of Ian Fleming’s character, Sean Connery and I for one would not disagree. Millions of people around the world are going to flock to the cinema to see Daniel star in his latest film, myself included, so I thought it was high time that I looked at his personal astrology chart and his similarity to a previous Bond actor, Sean Connery.

DanielCraig natal

Daniel has a very unusual split see-saw chart with two distinct groups of planets. He was born in Chester in the UK on 2nd March 1968 (I don’t have an official birth time for him)and is a Sun sign Pisces with an Aries Moon. This is really fascinating combination of energies. The Aries Moon is all action, the sign of the warrior or the fighter, needing to be first, filled with fire and passion however this is combined with the sensitivity of the Pisces Sun which can feel the mood for any occasion, showing compassion and empathy. As you will know, fire and water don’t mix well so Daniel will always be trying to find a balance between the two, something that he seems to have mastered in the role of Bond, the tough guy who woos the ladies with charm and sophistication.

Daniel will be one hard working guy, with the Moon conjunct to Mars and Saturn also conjunct in Aries. Mars Saturn conjunctions know that the only way to the top is through graft and dedication normally by trusting ones own judgment and abilities, and by overcoming many obstacles along the way. The Moon conjunct to Saturn and Mars is emotionally reserved and I suspect that Daniel is not the easiest person to live with. All that Martian energy is likely to explode once the fuse is lit (Moon conjunct Mars), and one can imagine that the emotional reserve of Saturn conjunct to the Moon makes him rather grumpy and feeling like he is better served sometimes going off and doing his own thing; he will be very, very self reliant.

Daniel will need an understanding partner who gives him plenty of space to do his own thing. The triple conjunction of Moon Mars and Saturn make a sextile to Mercury and Venus in glitzy but cool Aquarius. This is a very progressive combination of planets, especially in a creative sense. Daniel will have a clear picture in his head of the ideal (shown by Mercury conjunct Venus) image that he will want to portray. The see-saw nature of the chart allows him to assess all the options, seeing all sides of a situation as well as the pros and cons of the picture, so that in the end he gets the correct outcome. A lot of thought and careful preparation will have been done before he steps in front of the camera, and this is one of the reasons why I think Daniel’s portrayal of Bond has been so acclaimed. This conjunction is often seen in those who are involved in art or design, and the influence of Aquarius pushes one to innovate and keep things fresh and relevant, something that he has done with the role. It is really noticeable that in taking on the role of Bond, Daniel reinvented the role in a tough all action and far more independent style, mimicking the Moon, Mars, Saturn conjunction in Aries in his own chart. Venus in Aquarius often brings rock star looks, but ones which make one look glamorous yet rather unapproachable. It is also a sign of someone who finds relationships a little hard to hold down as the need for some freedom within any partnership is strong. Rachael Weisz his current partner and also a Sun Pisces will understand this acutely. Mercury in Uranus shows a very sharp and innovative mind, an interest in technology and gadgets and a deeply humanitarian and caring attitude.

Daniel’s Sun in Pisces is peregrine, that is unconnected to any other planet by a major aspect. As such, this Sun has an unusually strong influence over the chart. Pisceans are ruled by water and the power of their emotions can surprise. They often fall into two camps, the weak ineffective Pisces who melts and moulds themselves into their surroundings (water always seeks out the easiest line of resistance) and finds the discipline of every day life difficult to deal with, and the tough uncompromising Pisces (remember water is heavy and rock hard if you collide into it the wrong way) which can sweep all opposition away like a flood after a rainstorm. Daniel I suggest belongs in the second group and he has taken on a typical Piscean career, theatre, acting and film – Neptune the planet associated with Pisces rules these disciplines including music, TV and artistic talent. Daniel made his first appearance in a school play at just 6 years of age and learned his trade like most British actors in front of live audiences, appearing at the Royal National Theatre in London and also in minor TV roles, before his film career started to expand in 2001. His father shown by the Sun was an independent pub owner – here we have another link to Neptune and Pisces which also rules alcohol and careers involved in service.

Looking to the bottom of the chart, Neptune in Scorpio makes a double sextile to the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Virgo which dominated the mid and late 60’s when Daniel was born, and it also makes a square to Jupiter in Leo. Neptune square Jupiter shows that Daniel would have always wanted to travel and experience the wonders of the world, the need to spread one’s wings and experience culture, knowledge and wisdom from as many sources as possible is very strong within him. Jupiter in Leo shows a need for personal recognition on a wide scale, as well as a talent for making every situation seem dramatic. People with this position tend to enjoy showing off their abilities, and talking themselves up. They do rather enjoy being in the spotlight and the square to Neptune brings a link to his international jet setting acting career (Jupiter rules travel and far away cultures). Jupiter makes a quindecile to Venus which brings another link to having artistic talent, and a liking for and an ability to earn money very quickly and easily. Uranus makes quindecile aspects to the Pisces Sun and Mars Saturn showing a rebellious streak in his character, a man who insists in doing his own thing, someone who will fight for his principles and someone who likes to live on the edge. There is the element of the tough, bad boy about him combined with a vulnerability within which I suspect many women pick up on. Perfect for the role of Bond, and strangely similar to the chart of Sean Connery, who I consider was the ultimate Bond actor.

ConnerySean natal

Sean does not have a Saturn Mars conjunction like Daniel but he does have an equally tough and determined opposition between the two planets, Saturn in hard and ambitious Capricorn opposite Mars in Gemini which is always on the go, busy, sharp, cheeky and clever. This opposition makes a trine and sextile onto a creative and very sensitive Sun and Neptune conjunction in precise and well groomed Virgo. We have here pretty much the same combination of planets combining in a different way to get a similar outcome. Sean has a square between Uranus and Pluto where as Daniel has a conjunction, and Sean has Uranus in Aries opposite Venus in Leo is akin to Venus in Aquarius, the charm of Venus in Leo cooled and given a dangerous and disruptive edge by Uranus in dynamic and me first Aries. You can see the tough guy with the charm to crack the jokes combined with an independent air and an underlying sensitivity. Very similar indeed, and you can understand the parallels in their characters that people describe.

If I could find a difference between the two, then it would in favour of Sean, who’s Mars in Gemini brings a light-hearted edge that maybe Daniel hasn’t got, but it’s a close run thing. From Dr No premiered exactly 50 years ago in 1962 to Skyfall today, we have two British Bond actors who have stamped their class across the generations portraying the classic action role of the spy codenamed 007. Long may the series continue…

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