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Dangers of Weightlifting

Posted on the 05 April 2013 by Calvinthedog

Repost from the old site.

Note: Sorry, but this pic is a fake! Rectal prolapse is a real condition, but I don’t know how often it happens. It’s probably most likely to occur to an elderly woman whose pelvic floor was weakened by childbirth. I’ll leave it up anyway cuz a lot of thrillseekers like to look at sick stuff on the Net.

Weightlifting can be dangerous. Be careful if you click that link; it’s really gross! That’s called an anal prolapse.

Childbirth is probably the most common way to get this. It’s also reportedly a complication of old age. And yes, you can get this from being on the receiving end of anal sex, though I think it might take a Hell of a lot of anal sex to give this to you, like every single day for four or five years.

Surgery usually fixes it up pretty good, but it’s not always perfect. Hell of a thing to happen to you! Thank God for small favors! I made it to 55 and no anal prolapse yet! Yeehaw! I’m having another glass of wine just for that!

I went to this totally bizarre forum a while back. It was called Rosebud Forum. I had to register to go on, but it was so weird and sick that I just could not help myself. These idiots on there, almost all males and mostly straight, were actually trying to give themselves anal prolapses!

Messed up or what? Most of these guys were some sort of submissive B-D/S-M types looking for a dominant female mistress to work them over (think about it) until they end up with one of these horrible things.


Then there’s the BME Pain Olympics (I won’t link it because it’s too sick, but you can easily find it), mostly guys damaging their genitals in various ways, including chopping off their penises altogether or castrating themselves. Why in Hell would anyone do such a thing? Did they get abused in childhood or something?

People voluntarily damaging their bodies.

Life’s tough enough as it is, and life itself, assuming you survive it to the ravages of old ages, damages our organs, including our precious male genitals and probably our anuses too, in various ways. So why hurry up nature?

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