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Cycle on a Washing Machine - Sharetheload

By Sahi
Laundry, folding the cloths, Ironing them and placing them in the shelf has always been "Considered" a Womens Job? Well I think the situation is changing Slowly. I have seen so many people including my Dad helping my mom in all of the above said activities.
Things have improved greatly because of the entry of Washing Machine in every household and some amazing detergents like Ariel which makes the work of laundry a child's task.
Things were different initially. There was no washing machine, no proper detergent powder and women were not working. Laundry was a huge task and a lot of time had to be allocated for that. Since women were at home, they took up this task.
 As time changed, Washing machine made its way, detergents that fights with the stains came in and women have started sharing the Working load with men. So the washing load is also slowly but steadily being shared by men.
Cycle on a Washing Machine - sharetheload
When i told my Dad about the #WashBucketChallenge, he was happy to take it up as he is already sharing the washing load with my mom.  Here is what he had to say :
"The major constrain with washing was the time taken and removing the stains.These where the two reasons why men generally stayed away from washing.But As my wife is also working, it is tough to see her do all the household chores all alone. So i decided on #Laundarysharing. So every time i wash clothes with Ariel and  take out the clean and fresh cloths, the smile on my wife's face is priceless. There is no job like the Men's or women's. #sharetheload with the better half for washing or any-other work to be done!"

Cycle on a Washing Machine - sharetheload
'This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at is association with Ariel India  and I nominate: DeepakkalyanKrishna kumarMahesh, Aditya, Sunder Rajan
Cycle on a Washing Machine - sharetheload

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