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Curly Girl: Week 1

By Thecurlycasualista @curlycasualista
Curly Girl: Week 1 Well, I'm one week into the Curly Girl method (find out what that is here, if you're just tuning in)! So far, so good. I traded in my DevaCurl Low-Poo for some Whole Food's conditioner. I've found, in the past, that the Low-Poo is actually too heavy for my roots. They seem to gum up and be really flat and sad (I've been using that for a while, alternating with shampoo). I've used the 365 conditioner before, however, and decided to go back to that! I'm loving it so far! I bought two bottles, the lavender and the mint, one to use on my scalp and one to condition my hair with. They both smell wonderful, and I will probably alternate which I use for each part!
So far, I have yet to reach the "icky" transition stage that was mentioned in most of the things I read about the no-poo method. I'm hoping that, because I have not shampooed every day for quite some while, that this stage will not happen. Please don't happen. I have noticed that my head does get itchy if I go more than a couple days without giving the scalp a scrub, but since I try to wet it and recondition every day, this hasn't been a terrible issue so far!
Things I have learned so far:
  1. It helps to flip my head upside down to scrub my scalp. This allows me to lift my roots away from my head and makes it easier to get the conditioner to my scalp through my hair. Of which there is a lot.
  2. I think I have better results when I apply gel to my hair while it's sopping wet, then squeeze the water out, and then apply leave-in. I was doing it in reverse, before, and my hair was still frizzy. 
  3. Kerestase Elixir Ultime is awesome. Awesome.
  4. Whole Foods makes really awesome, all natural conditioner (and shampoo, I assume). And it's cheap. And smells delicious.

As you can see, my hair looks about the same as it did before I started the Curly Girl method. I was expecting more results, but I must be patient (patience is really, really hard for me)! And, as I still haven't gotten a trim, the bottom of my hair looks awful. It's compounded by the fact that the bottom layer of my hair is the straightest and always looks longer. Does anyone else have that problem?
There is also a distinct lack of frizz to my hair because I washed it and it dried without my having to go outside. I love when that happens! I also picked up a new leave-in, which I will review for you after I use it for a while!
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