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Croatian Water Polo

By Stodge @stodgeblog

Croatian Water PoloTonight at dinner we found our evening restaurant terrace in Korcula overlooking a waterpolo arena. It is a Lido type affair, sectioned off from the harbor so I suspect the players had little fishys swimming around their legs as they played in the crystal clear salty waters. Firstly there was a warm up match by a couple of local teenage teams as we munched through dinner but as the sky turned to night and the floodlights came on a full blown regional league match between locals Korcula http://www.korculainfo.com/kpk/      http://wkkpk.blog.hr/ and the visitors  started. There seemed to be more women than men watching the match, perhaps attracted to the warm-up exercises by 20 fit young men in speedo’s and a good mix of locals and tourists. Our meal finished we moved across the lane to watch poolside from the terraces. Eventually we got the hang of the rules, 4 x 8 minute quarters with 30 second possession periods. Although a not contact sport the football equivalents of shirtpulling etc were all there in waterpolo with splashing and ducking in abundance and lots of fouls being awarded to both sides plus an over enthusiastic coach from the visiting team. I am sure too there was an unofficial bombing / diving competition going on when any of the substitutes entered the pool.

Korcula got properly thrashed 12 goals to 4 but it was a great night out and all for free. Bit of video I took is below.

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