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Critique of the Alternative Left

Posted on the 13 May 2016 by Calvinthedog


This Leftist posted a friendly unfriendly look at the Alt Left, which he had never heard of until recently.

He’s not impressed, to put it mildly:

For Christ’s sake, this is a truly bizarre movement. Curiously, one of them seems to be a lapsed Marxist, but still spouting Marxist claptrap about the labor theory of value. Perhaps some of these current “Alt Left” supporters are more reasonable than others, however. See here for an interesting description of the politics and views of one of the less extreme “Alt Left” bloggers.

It’s always pleasant to be called bizarre of course. But the compliments don’t stop there. I am the less extreme and more reasonable Alt Left supporter that he discusses above, and the link is to my site. Yay! It is so nice to be less extreme and more moderate. Feels great. Well, there’s my one compliment of the day quota. Now I can sleep well tonight.

He didn’t capitalize Christ in the above post, so in order to not disrespect my idol and mentor, I kindly did it for him. It really annoys me when  atheists don’t capitalize God or Islam or Christianity. What’s the point they are trying to make, other than to be childish?

The “Alt Left” seems to me – if such a movement does exist – to be mostly a bizarre product of extreme left-wing Postmodernist ethnic-racial identity politics, except – and here is the key – applied to white people.

These are Western white people who have been brainwashed in Postmodernist and Social Justice Warrior identity politics, but suddenly transform into supporters of white identity politics.

Well sure. I noticed this a long time ago. In exactly the same ways as any other Identity Politics (including the non-White IdPol that the White nationalists hate so much) is irrational, contradictory or flat out crazy, so indeed is White nationalism. I recognized a long time ago that WN’s are just Afrocentrists, Atzlanistas or Asian supremacists in whiteface, except that the WN’s are sworn enemies of the others and vice versa. But they are so much alike! David Duke has more in common with your average Black Lives Matter fool than he has with my Mom or William Playfair, who don’t particularly give a damn about the White race.

Paint Duke up in blackface and wa-la! Hey, it’s Louis Farrakhan, what do you know!

Put whiteface on Al Sharpton and whoa, lookie there, it’s Alex Linder! Isn’t that amazing?

All these groups are really saying the same thing, but it is only the object of their ethnic obsession that is different. But the core manner of thinking and message is the same.

A while back, I noticed that all nationalists are the same. I mean the ugly Patriotard type, not the ethnic ones.

…could, by using Postmodernist identity politics ideas, easily morph into a bizarre left-wing mirror image of the right-wing white nationalists or “Alt Right.”…And, even worse, this Alt Left movement could then morph into a type of left-wing fascism.

This is a significant concern. I assume that such a wing of the Alt Left will spring up or perhaps it already has. There are “Left fascists” who have been pushing me in that direction for some time now. In fact, there are “Left fascist” grouplings already on Facebook. Left fascism is not as nuts as it sounds. Third Positionists are a real thing. The National Bolsheviks actually exist in Russia. Strasserism was a real political movement until a Sea of Blades ripped it to gory shreds one Darkened Eve in 1932.

Already some were describing at least one wing of the Alt Left as “really just national socialism.” And indeed, that is quite well what it could become if it’s not headed there already.

His core critique is actually a bit more involved than I laid out here and has to with the definition of postmodernism and national progressive politics or the lack thereof. You are welcome to hop on over there and try to figure it out.

All in all, this is quite a bright fellow, and whew! It’s so nice to be moderate and extreme for once, even if it’s only for a day! A man cannot live on radicalism alone. He needs a more balanced diet of ideas or else signs of various cognitive deficiencies emerge.

Anyway, it’s nice that folks are talking about us. May the discussions and of course the attention continue! As the Hollywood people say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity. I don’t care what they are saying about me, as long as they are talking about me.” And in a monetized world of quarter hour glory quotas, perhaps attention equals money just like in Our Lady of the Angels.

Just think about it. You too can become a commodity! Get on board the Attention Train! Hop up on a table near you and start dancing, dammit!

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