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Crime and Science Radio: Spy Vs Spy Vs Spy: An Interview with the Queen of Espionage Gayle Lynds

By Dplylemd

3-14-15: Crime and Science Radio: Spy vs Spy vs Spy: An Interview with the Queen of Espionage Gayle Lynds This Saturday, 3-14-15 at 10 a.m. PDT, join DP Lyle and Jan Burke in conversation with best-selling author and Queen of Espionage Gayle Lynds and learn about the world of clandestine activity, both real and fictional.   Gayle at BEA   BIO: Gayle began her writing career as a reporter for The Arizona Republic, where her investigative reporting made such an impact that it led to changes in state legislation. Later she was an editor with rare Top Secret security clearance at a government think tank, where assorted shadowy figures passed through silently and not only ideas but people seemed to bounce off the walls. She was inspired. Soon she began writing literary short stories, which were published in literary journals, and at the same time in what some considered schizophrenic, she also wrote male pulp novels in the Nick Carter and Mack Bolan series. She is now a New York Times bestselling author of ten spy novels. Library Journal has called her the Reigning Queen of Espionage. Her latest espionage thriller is The Assassins, which you can preorder now. It will be in stores June 30th. LISTEN: Link goes Live Saturday 3-14-15 at 10 a.m. Pacific   LINKS: Gayle Lynd’s Website: Gayle Lynd’s Spy Files: CIA Homepage: CIA World Factbook: MI5: MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service):   The Assassins-300   Last Spymaster-300             Book of Spies- 300

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