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Creativity: The Increasing Importance of Originality

By Simonbrushfield @SimonBrushfield

Creativity is valued by some people more than others.

Despite the indifference, creativity continues to rise in importance.

Society needs original ideas, more so than ever, to conquer bigger problems.

Point 1. Originality is what people desire most because it’s special and unique.

The value of creativity has been on a steady rise ever since the beginning of the Renaissance around the 1500’s.

The Renaissance was a time of incredible accomplishments, achieved through the amazing creative exploits of man.

Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci produced breathtakingly original ideas, extremely innovative for the time.

He was one of a kind.

Pictured below is Leonardo’s sketchbook drawing of his ‘Ornithopter’ which is believed to have inspired the modern helicopter.

flyingmachine ornithopter Creativity: The increasing importance of originality

Leonardo Davinci’s flying machine called the ‘Ornithopter’ discovered in his personal sketchbooks from centuries ago

Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketchbooks display an incredibly original artist. Never before in the history of the world had his ideas been conceived.

The Renaissance was truly an exciting time for original thinkers, a golden era for humanity, where the creativity of man grew to glorious heights.

Here’s the main point of this article…

Point 2. We’re now living in another golden era for mankind.

Technology has ushered in another spectacular burst of creativity.

Similar to the Renaissance, originality and creativity is again on centre stage.

The internet advances the power of creativity.

Being original has greater significance now than ever before, even more so than in Renaissance times.

Here’s the reason why….

Point 3. Our world is fast becoming standardised due to globalisation.

What is mankind in the greatest danger of losing because of globalisation?


Beautiful ancient cultures and unique native customs are being overcome by the rising tide of globalisation.

The enemy is standardisation.

AbstractWheat1 Creativity: The increasing importance of originality

‘Australian Rural Landscape’ by Simon Brushfield (2003) Acrylic, oil, wheat on canvas 1.4m x 1.8m (Sold: Private Acquisition)

But Leonardo’s passion for creativity knew no limits.

He was unique.

At any one time DaVinci was focussed upon a variety of major projects ranging from revolutionary fine art masterpieces, to human anatomy, geology, town planning, weapons of war, even man powered flight.

Warhol was another original thinker – one of a kind.

Point 4. Andy Warhol understood the value of an original idea when building his creative brand.

In fact, by 1955 America, in particular New York, was copying much of Andy Warhol’s innovative creative style.

One of Warhol’s most famous original pieces of art was that of his favourite lunch – a Campbell’s soup can.

A very original and highly relevant idea for the growing consumerism of his time.

It was his ideas that captured the essence of popular culture during the 1960′s and formed the influential movement ‘Pop Art’.

Andy Warhol elevated the everyday scene into an artefact of high culture.

And people wanted more of his unique originality.

Small Torn Campbell’s Soup Can Pepper Pot 1962 Creativity: The increasing importance of originality

Small Torn Campbell’s Soup Can (Pepper Pot), 1962, Andy Warhol, casein and graphite on canvas, 20 inches x 16 inches, The Eli Broad collection, Los Angeles, CA

In May 2006 the painting sold for $11.8 million.

Here’s what Andy Warhol knew that very few people understood.

Point 5. The importance of being different in a crowded marketplace is essential.

Like Andy Warhol, the founder of Apple Corporation Steve Jobs, also valued originality and creativity in business.

Apple is a multinational company that prides itself upon originality, style and amazing innovation.

Like Warhol, Steve Jobs built a hugely successful commercial brand and is famously recognized as the charismatic visionary leader of modern computer technology.

He understood the power of a unique idea, inspiring a successful marketing campaign with the original slogan – ‘Think Different’.

At the death of Steve Jobs, Apple released a statement praising the originality of their once highly creative business leader saying…

“Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy was the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives.… Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being.”

Final Point. Everybody is incredibly unique and extremely original.

Out of the billions of people, there is not one person on earth the same as you.

You are one of a kind.

But here’s the problem….

In the hard and fast world of global standardisation, it takes great courage to follow your unique originality.

However, things have not changed since the Renaissance.

If you want to be an amazing human being, there’s one thing you must do….

Be Original.

© Copyright Simon Brushfield – Creativity:Importance of originality

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