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Creating Keepsakes

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Creating KeepsakesIt's no secret that a party is not complete without a killer-keepsake.  Children love lolly bags, parents probably don't.  So what to do?  I'm a fan of thank you gifts; whilst you have put a lot of effort into the organisation and catering of the party, the guests have all made an effort to travel to your venue, often great distances, they have more than likely purchased presents, and they have certainly gifted you with their time.  So then; keepsakes are a must.
Beautiful bags, pretty accessories, or my personal favourite, books, are all perfect thank yous for young and old alike, but for children I think there should be an element of sweet about the treat, and by sweet I mean edible not cute.  To do this without rotting every tooth in every head consider giving out one home-made and decorated biscuit, a single glamour lollipop, a bag of popcorn or a shaped chocolate treat.
Whether you're using a theme or a color scheme to pull your party together be sure to use it to inspire your choice of take-home.
For Mimi's upcoming 4th birthday, all her guests are young children for whom quantity is usually more important than quality.  I am however going for a small lolly bag with minimal edible items inside.  To make it look more spectacular I'm turning the bag into a mini aquarium.  I'll post the full how-to shortly, but many moons ago I saw a simple clear cellophane lolly bag with a beautiful patterned paper insert.  The bag had a few boiled treats inside, the top was rolled shut and pegged.  It was so simple and beautiful, and it inspired me to make the pirate-mermaid printpaper pictured in the top corner, complete with fish, seaweed, bubbles and pirate treasure.  I'll cut the design into 4 panels and insert them into the bags as a back drop to some themed-candies and blue tissue paper 'water'.
Lastly; don't forget that make-and-take craft projects are always welcome; what child doesn't love to linger in front of their creation proudly and reminisce about good times... ok, maybe that's more me, but my girls do love to see their works displayed and admired adoringly by their parents. 
Feel free to email me your favorite keepsakes; one's you've given or received.

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