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Crazy Confessions.

By Jenrene

I have a confession to make: I am a writer, and I haven't felt like writing much in the last three months or so.

I also find that I am not very consistent.

There are times when my head and thoughts are so jumbled, I can't even think straight.

I have a fear of passing a test that I know will.make me successful.

I fear successful opportunities.

This is what's here, right now.

I know it makes sense not to even dwell on these kinds of things, but I do.

I guess that makes me imperfect.

Am I ok with that? No, I'm not.

Sometimes I wish I didnt have a call towards things that are so freaken hard to do. ( That's another confession.)

It demands my attention and the all is like babies that scream all the time... You don't find them great company.

On the other hand , I love people and I love motivating them.

I also love the adrenalin rush I get from a good read of something I wrote.

I love seeing my work in print and hearing others say: "This is just what I needed today, thank you."

I also love working on teams. Teams of people with like once and like purpose.

People who were once where I was; but. Ow I can not get them to" be more, do more see more.."

So... even though I get overwhelmed , stagnant and discouraged, somefimes, I still tend to seek out the good. I maintain that I will keep going.

Despite myself.

I took this picture below because I went a step further.

I opened my eyes, was sleepy as all get out, saw those rays out my window, and (decided as tired as I was), I was gonna watch this sunrise. and better yet capture it.

Because it made me happy to catch sunrises.

I decided then, that I would "press in" often and contintually make me happy, despite myself.

Because "stepping up" makes things epic as all get out, you know what I mean?

Crazy Confessions.

So why stop reaching for the stars?

Eventually I'll catch one.

As big enough as the sunrise I'm chasing.


Thanks for listening to my imperfect rants.

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