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Crate Paper Design Team : Chinese Paper Lanterns

By Jcchris
Chinese New Year is around the corner! Due to our hectic schedule, we have not bought decorations for our house. And my eldest daughter has been bugging us to buy them. Haha. I told we will go get them very soon. And the mean time, I asked her if she is interested to help me to create some cute paper lanterns. She was all keen. 

Paper lanterns are really easy to create and they are perfect activity for little children. First and foremost, we chose patterned papers. We decided to go with the Crate Paper Heart Day collection because they have a great selection of red papers!  We cut the papers to 3"x4" strip. Fold a sheet of paper in half lengthwise.Crate Paper Design Team : Chinese Paper LanternsThen, you'll need to cut along the folded edge. Just before my daughter cut the lines, I drew some lines as guide for her. That way she wouldn't snipped off across the paper. Tip: The number of strips will completely change the look of your lantern.Crate Paper Design Team : Chinese Paper LanternsOnce the cutting is done, unfold the paper. Apply some tape at the end of the paper. Crate Paper Design Team : Chinese Paper Lanterns Adhered one end to the other. Tape everything from the inside so it's not visible.Crate Paper Design Team : Chinese Paper LanternsGently press the strips down by pressing both ends inward. Crate Paper Design Team : Chinese Paper LanternsTa daa... here are your completed cute paper lanterns! I added paper crepe to create fun texture :)Crate Paper Design Team : Chinese Paper LanternsHave a great Rooster Year!! Gong Xi Gong Xi!Xoxo Jessy

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