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Crafts to Try (when You Finally Get All That Free Time You Wish You Had)

By Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

Well, I couldn’t think of anything really exciting to post this Sunday, so I turned to my favorite new site (pinterest of course) to find some crafts I wish I had time to do right now but will probably have to add to my long list of summer projects.  For all of you followers who were worried I am finally over my illness-whatever-it-was but I did have to go to the ER…which was not much fun, but I’m not going to complain because I’m healthy now.  Sadly this has led to a steep decline in my motivation to get anything finished because “I’m siiiiiiiiick”.  We all know how that goes :)

Crafts to try (when you finally get all that free time you wish you had)
This first project is my favorite, and would take no time at all.  I even have a teacup I could use for this.  It has a giant crack in the bottom so I can’t use it for actually drinking tea, but it’s such a pretty ceramic teacup I’ve been wanting to use it for something.  This is just perfect.  All you need is some cute fabric, a hair tie, a teacup, and some fluff.  You wrap the fabric around the fluff, tie the end with the hair band, and then stick it in your teacup.  Instant pin cushion!  It’s so easy I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before.  If you want to see the original project, check out 

Crafts to try (when you finally get all that free time you wish you had)

Now, this next one would take a little more forethought, but it still looks cool.  If you need some new light fixtures and want something unique, especially if you’re going for a more modern/contemporary feel, try this next project out.  Instead of spending lots on cute fixture covers, get some cake pans and string the lights through this.  Now, this does require working with wires and things, so I probably wouldn’t try this without knowing for sure what I was doing…but the end effect is really neat.  To get more details on this one, check out


Crafts to try (when you finally get all that free time you wish you had)
Now this is just a really cute crochet/knitting project.  That’s about all there is too it.  Although you could probably use this one as a pin cushion if you wanted to.  I used to do a lot more knitting than I did now.  I’d like to say I don’t have the patience for it…but being such an avid cross-stitcher I really can’t say I don’t have the patience for anything.  We stitchers have more patience than any crafter out there (in my humble opinion).  That being said something about knitting and me just doesn’t clique quite as well as me and stitching.  I should probably try and fix that.  There’s a lot you can do with yarn you can’t do with thread… I’ll just have to add that to my summer to-do list.  If you want the pattern and directions check out

Now, keeping in the theme of knit and crochet projects, this is a very cute teapot cosy.  Now, I’m not sure what it is about Germans and knitting patterns, but every site I went to to try and

Crafts to try (when you finally get all that free time you wish you had)
find instructions on how to make this were in German.  Now, I speak a little German, such as “how are you”, “how much does this cost”, and “where’s the bathroom”, but other than that my German is pretty limited and I have no craft terms whatsoever.  If you think you can do a little better (or have a decent internet translator) check out


Crafts to try (when you finally get all that free time you wish you had)
Now, my friend over at morequirkythancrafty did some really cute modge podge flower pots, and I think that’s such a cute idea I want to make some for my garden.  I really like these, just because of how vibrant the colors are.  And I happen to be partial to anything blue.  To see the instructions go to


Now, I tried to credit all the original sources via pinterest, but if someone didn’t credit the right original source or took credit for an idea that wasn’t originally theirs I have no way of knowing…

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