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Cowhide & Dreamcatchers

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

cowhide & dreamcatchersI have never put much thought into how I will decorate my home when I am older.... until I went on the Refinery29 website last night. I now have a clear vision of what my dream home will ideally look like, with thanks to Shenae Grimes for opening her abode to the public. Most young adults our age (Shenae: 21, Me: 25) are living in small houses with roommate(s) and mismatched furniture, or in Shenae's case- a little college apartment strewn with beer cans. For me, I think I am doing pretty well living in a two story house 5 minutes from the beach with two other great girls, a huge closet, nicely decorated, ocean views, a large backyard with a fire pit- not to shabby, right? Well compared to Shenae, I have got a ways to go. At the ripe age of 21 this starlet is really living the dream... which is now my dream home.
cowhide & dreamcatchersLoving her open closet, and of course all of the clothes/shoes
cowhide & dreamcatchersMy mom has always had a cowhide in our homes when I was growing up, and that is something that will definitely be passed on (sorry PETA).
cowhide & dreamcatchersAre you kidding me with that wall of dreamcatchers above her bed? Ever since I was little I always had a dream catcher above my bed (still do), yet this takes catching dreams to a whole new level. I am borderline obsessed. Looks like I shall start collecting now...
cowhide & dreamcatchersNot really a shot of the house, yet I would love a shoe collection like this in my home as well. 
cowhide & dreamcatchersI love the idea of putting potted plants in the outdoor fire-pit, nice work Shenae.cowhide & dreamcatchers

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