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Cover Your A$$

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I got to mile 15 of my 16 miler yesterday and was SAVED because this song came on (I have to remember to put it towards the end of my marathon play list).

Sometimes I like to be yelled at so that I can push harder. The tempo is FAST and guaranteed to get you going (that is, if you don’t mind a little mild profanity. I think a$$ is tame compared to things like “I’ve got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it,” but I like that song too).

As long as we are on the a$$ theme, I purchased a new item the other day – the CYA skirt. Know what CYA stands for, right? Cover Your Ass. This skirt has no panties/shorts built in, but is just to wear over things. Everyone at Starbucks, the grocery store, the gas station, etc. will be thankful that I have finally agreed to CMA (Cover My Ass). Tights on a 20 year old may be fine while picking out bananas, but not sure people want to see tights on a 46 year old while picking out bananas. Unless they are very desperate.

Today I am wearing my CYA over my compression tights for recovery and I think it makes for an outstandingly tacky outfit. Slippers are the key. As is a shiny face and a bad hair style.


Speaking of the CYA skirt – I got the BEST deals the other day. Skirt Sport’s headquarters is about 15 minutes from my house. They had a warehouse sale and about 95% of the stuff was small in size. Score for me. Every item was only $20. I CLEANED up. Who cares if I really don’t need any of this. I cannot pass up a good sale. My favorite is the Marathon Chick blue skirt with matching headband. I also got a pair of running tights, but I wore them today and they’re gross with sweat and not picture worthy.


2 running skirts, one pair of tri shorts, two cycling jerseys

I cannot believe I only have four weeks until my marathon. Next week is my last BIG long run of 20 miles. With the exception of tweaking my hamstring a couple weeks ago while in boot camp (it is now FINE, but I was freaking out), this training cycle has gone really well. Fingers crossed for a solid race.

And, you will be happy to know, I did not make ONE pit stop over 16 miles. Not one. That might be a record. Speaking of pit stops, if someone makes marathon greeting cards, this should be on one of them:

Cover Your A$$

Where do you buy the bulk of your running clothes? I am all over the place – usually wherever I can get the best deals. Sometimes The Clymb online has some great deals (this week they had both Running Skirts and Sports Skirts skirts for half price)

What’s that song on your iPod that you skip a million songs to get to because it gives you that perfect boost? Anything by AC/DC or Pitbull (do you think they hang out?), Die Young by Kei$ha, Pain Lies by the Riverside by Live, and Let’s Go by Calvin Harris.


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