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Courage - Statement Over Arrest of Iranian Singer Arya Aramnejad

Posted on the 10 November 2011 by Nima Ch. (dustandtrash) @dustandtrash
Courage - Statement over arrest of Iranian singer Arya Aramnejadposter by green friend
In a small town in Iran, six former political prisoners wrote an statement to defend one political prisoner. 
In these days, fear is ruling over Iran. People are not only afraid of war. In today's Iran, people cannot even celebrate a birthday party without being afraid of security agents - I am not talking about the underground parties - at a traditional Coffeehouse.
While many of Iranian activists and bloggers outside Iran, me included, don't do their activities with their real names, those six non famous people dare to write:
"They tolerate scandals over billions of dollars bank fraud, but responded to the critics of innocent youth with brutality". and: "Which mysteries do you want to hide by such an arrest? Which shame is still uncovered?"
It is courage.
And the political prisoner they are defending, is the green singer and activist Arya Aramnejad.  He was arrested and tortured after making this song once before:

I founded an English translation of this song on a Facebook fan page:
(his official Facebook page is here)
(Arabic Prayer)
In the middle of ashura's noon*
The asleep Yazid** of our time
Woke up from his  old grave
In order to kill the sweethearts
What is the sin of our people except the cry for freedom?
God be a witness to the attack against human dignity !
Ali*** stand up and cancel the game of these hypocrits
That these ones dress the devil with the clothes of justice
They poison Mohammad's religion with their own will
To a point that they want to make you believe the Mehdi (12th Imam in Shiite Islam) gets his orders from them
(Arabic Prayer)
The month of Muharram**** was drowned in blood
By the devil's army*****
Kharijites****** in religion's clothes put the Quran on their spear again
It is the presence of the antichrist's spirit which is felt
In this mysterious dark road
oh GOD ! Enlighten IRAN with you sun !
*Imam Hossein, one of the most important Imams for Shiite Muslims was killed at noon of Ashura day, in the 27th December 2009 (corresponding to the day of Ashura), Iranian people took to the streets to protest against their dictatorial regime, 37 people were killed by the regime on this day
**the enemy of every Shiite believer, the caliph that killed Imam Hossein
***the first Imam for every Shiite Muslim
****holy month in Shiism corresponding to the month Imam Hossein was killed, all kind of violence is forbidden during this month
*****this "army" belongs to Khamenei... I let you guess the courageous metaphora
******Kharijites are the ones who killed Imam Ali

you may find another songs of Arya Aramnejad here:

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