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Cosmetic Surgery, Yay Or Nay?

By Rubytuesday
According to a Glamour body image survey, 97% of women admitted that they have at least one negative thought about their body image every day
NinetySevenPer cent
And men are not immune eitherAccording to the National Eating Disorder   Association, 43% of men are dissatisfied with their bodiesStark numbersBut honestlyIt doesn't surprise meWe are bombarded with so many images of the perfect body every single dayOn TVIn magazinesOn the InternetOften bodies that are utterly unattainable for the average person It's really no wonder that we have such poor body image 
I was watching a show the other morningAnd the topic was cosmetic surgeryThere was a 19 year old girl being interviewedShe had her first cosmetic procedure when she was just 18Filler put in her lips They showed before and after photosTo me she looked beautiful before she had the procedureShe said that after she had her lips doneShe took over 300 selfiesTrying to take the perfect photoThere was also a cosmetic surgeon being  interviewed He said it was common for people to bring in photos of celebrities And ask to look just like them

If you ask me I am nay in the whole debateBut that's nay for meI have no problem with anyone else doing itI just think it's very noticeable when someone has cosmetic surgeryYou know that kind of stretched face lookWhen eyes are pulled upAnd there is not a line or wrinkle in sightThe Botox look is especially noticeableWhen someone can't move their faceBecause they have injected so much of the stuffI guess if you don't agree with altering your face or bodyYou could also throw make up and hair dye in to the equationI have no problem with either of theseThey are temporaryThey can be removed with relative easeAnd they are not invasive Unlike cosmetic surgery Although I've sufferers badly with body image over the yearsI've never hated a part of my body so much that I considered cosmetic surgeryNot saying I didn't hate my body I did I guess it just never crossed my mindIt wasn't the done thingAt least in my part of the world I just wanted to be smallerThinner all overAnd as far as I know there is no cosmetic procedure for thatOf course I've looked in the mirrorAnd wished away my bulging bellyAnd thunder thighsBut I don't ever recall thinking that I would like to have cosmetic surgery

Someone who springs to mind when I think of cosmetic surgery is Heidi Montag
Some of you will know her from the reality show The Hills
I think she was so beautiful before she had the surgery
Fresh faced
The typical all American girl
I think she had far too much done
And barely looks like herself anymore

Image result for heidi montag

Before surgery

Image result for heidi montag


A woman called Jae West took matters in to her own hands recently

Jae is a body image activist
From Australia
She stood in Piccadilly Circus In just a bikini and a blind foldWith a sign say that she was doing this experiment for people with bad body image And those suffering with eating disordersShe herself is in recoveryThe sign Also asked people to draw a love heart on her in solidarityShe held markers in each handOne by one people came up and drew hearts on herYou can see a video of it if you Google her
Jae West took to Piccadilly Circus wearing nothing put her underwear to promote self-acceptance 

With all that said

I was wondering about you
Are you yay or nay in the whole cosmetic surgery debate?
And why?
Have you ever considered cosmetic surgery?
If so
What would you like to have done?
Answers on a postcard please....

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