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Coronavirus Thomas

By Biolaephesus60 @biolaephesus

This is a contribution from young woman in a learning group that I belong to.

CORONAVIRUS THOMAS by Patricia Ejemeriona

Malam Bala held tenaciously onto his transistor Radio to listen to the morning news ,,
Good morning this is Sunshine 100.3 FM,, this is the morning news hour at 8.00 o clock,, my name is Amina Ameed, 10,250 persons confirmed positive for dreaded Coronavirus.,,, owing to this spike, the government has decided to put a total lockdown on the Banji emirates from tomorrow the 12th of May,,,,

Malam Bala screamed “walahi this lie faa, this is a big lie,, this is government magic,, this is a lie!!!

‘Haaha what is a big lie, who is doing magic.. why are you screaming this morning Maigida’,,, Alimotu petite wife of Malam Bala queried,,

‘I said this is a lie’ shouted Malam Bala,, roughly shoving Alimotu aside.

A bewildered Alimotu hissed in anger.

Malam Bala, middle-aged man of average height was poorly educated howbeit he loves to get relevant information of daily happenings around him. You cannot separate Mr Malam from his potable transistor Radio.

Gbammm! gbammm!! Malam Bala knocks violently on the door of his friend and neighbor Baba Risi,

‘Who is that! that wants to break my door this morning’ retorted Baba Risi.

Malam Bala went in, panicky ‘have you heard? Don’t tell me you have not heard or didn’t you listen to the news on Sunshine FM this morning’!!

Baba Risi looked at him with a frown on his face. ‘Heard what please Bala! What is the problem if I may ask you’

Bala dumped himself on the massive sofa in Baba Risi’s apartment fixing a gaze on Baba Risi. he said ‘Coronavirus cases is now 10,250, 10,250, 10,250 can you believe this’ Malam Bala shouted.

‘I believe if you must know’ replied Baba Risi giving him a mean look.

‘Look Bala it is time you drop this conspiracies of yours and let us all join hands with the government to keep safe, observe all the health protocols to ensure we flatten the curve this is important to protect ourselves and every member of our families ok’ Baba Risi schooled him.

‘Ok’ Bala replied in disbelief, ‘tell me right now Baba Risi have you used this your two corocoro eyes to see anybody that have the coro virus question number one
Question number 2? where are the people? if you can answer this I will believe you’. Bala said angrily.

‘Look’ replied Baba Risi ‘this your illiteracy is more deadly than Coronavirus, c’ommon leave my house’ he said in rage.

‘I should leave! I should leave! Me! Bala leave your house. Now I know your head is not correct’.

Bala stormed out of the room banging the door making Baba Risi to cringe. ‘Never you come here again ok. Nonsense man’ Shouted Baba Risi.

‘Sule! Sule!! Sule!!!’ there was shouts and uproar at Malam Bala’s apartment. Alimotu held unto her 18 year old son who had collapsed. His temperature was so high she didn’t know what to do. She was crying profusely at the thought of losing her only son.

Malam Bala raced inside to behold the sight of his son gasping for breath. Sule! Sule!! he shook his son. He quickly requested for an herbal concoction which he tried to force into his son’s mouth but he couldn’t get it through.

Malam Bala screamed as he watched his son give up the ghost.

The death of Sule devastated Malam Bala and Alimotu.

Neighbors were seen in pockets standing around the premises to commiserate with them.

Baba Risi came to condole with them. He sat down on the low but comfortable sofa,, take heart,,,patting Bala on the shoulder. But what happened to him.. Alimotu replied ‘he just returned from from my sister’s place two days ago coughing, he also said he is feeling pains on his body’,, cried Alimotu shaking her head in pain,,, calm down, calm down Baba Risi replied becoming apprehensive ,,,’ please these are some of the symptoms of Coronavirus’, ,,
‘Coro what’?A screamed Bala and Alimotu simultaneously.

‘Yes ‘retorted Baba Risi. ‘I suspect Coronavirus’,,,
‘Are you mad! It is not possible for my son to have coro’ replied Malam Bala.

‘Well you will have to take the test, , let me wash my hands and get my face mask as you too can be a big risk to everyone of us here’.

‘Coro what coro faa’ Malam Bala’s neighbors all scrambled out of Bala’s apartment for fear of contracting the virus. ‘Sule has coro,,sule has coro,,, Haa coro ,,,

Baba Risi called the health authorities in Banji’s emirates to report the death and suspected case.

The health authority came immediately geared up to take samples and investigate.

Malam Bala was diagnosed with Coronavirus after his samples was collected and taken to the isolation center in the Banji district for treatment,,

He was put on the bed, he cried when he saw other infected persons. He regretted all his carefree and careless actions which led to the death of his only son Sule.

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