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By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
Corniche Going to the pedal carts around lunch time when the heath is the worst and the sun shines more intensively that you'd like, yes please, that was my idea and whoever said learning from one's mistakes is the best way to remember I now exactly understand what he meant by that. I was sweating more than in sauna and was feeling just all blah. What a day to remember forever. But you know what, at least I had good clothes on. At least my favorite mix that I already showed once to you in one of the posts from before but never actually wore it out on the street because I hate wearing the same clothes over again (so for the next time I'll have to think about a different mix again, yeah buddy!). Only thing I was glad for wearing were the sandals but I think that at that time of the day wouldn't matter what I wore, I'd still be sweating like a pig. I just realized that my entire outfit post converted into a sweating trauma complaint. Oh well, get used to that, I always go off the point. Not my fault, bad genetics probably. With that a happy sweaty Tuesday.
T-shirt - Reiss Dress - Campagna Italiana Sandals - Givenchy Arm cuff - Topshop

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