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Coping with Bereavement …

By Gran13


In order to cope with bereavement, I have found that it’s a good idea to keep busy until I drop. I do my best to remain healthy and laugh a lot, especially during the Salsa lessons I attend. And all the time, I work on how to appreciate the half-full cup. While driving, Ilisten to my opera disks and when I turn up the volume, it makes me feel alive.

And, I have learned that although laughing with a friend is therapeutic, I will never fogret the times we cried together.

It’s difficult at times to face grief with a smile and it’s hard to believe it’ll pass in a while. When the pain is sharpest, words are to no avail, when tears fall hot and heavy, the best intentions fail. And however heavy the burdens  I bear, when no one else can listen, my daughters will be there. When others have no time to spare, my girls will lend a hand. It’s so easy to overlook  the grieving ones; but I really understand.

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