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Copenhagen, Denmark

By Ladyexpat

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Gardens

We docked in Copenhagen for an overnight stay at 6pm on May 31, 2011.  That was during dinner so we did not go out.  I also had a spa appointment at 7:30pm which I did not want to miss.  I got a facial, massage, and pedicure.  I don't usually go to the spa except when we are on vacations such as cruises. 
We explored Copenhagen the following day.  The main thing we wanted to do was go to Tivoli Gardens amusement park which did not open until 11am.  The mornings are the best time of day for us.  My son woke up around 6:30am almost everyday.  A few times before 6am.  The sun rose at 4:30am which woke us all up early.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This ride cost us $15 to ride

The first thing we did in Copenhagen is took the ship's bus to town.  Then we walked around the peditrian only area, explored the shops (all of which were too expensive and not worth the money (in my opinion) to buy anything), and ate lunch at McDonalds.  We are not big McDonalds fans, however, we did not want to spend $40+ on lunch.  I think it cost us around $20 at McDonalds, which is expensive for McDonalds considering we got two Happy Meals and one cheeseburger.  After lunch we went to Tivoli Gardens.  Our son was free and our tickets were around $30 each whcih did not include any rides.  If you wanted to get unlimited rides the ticket jumped to around $75, I believe.  Or you can just pay for rides as you go, which is what we decided to do.  The rides cost anywhere from $5 per person to $15 per person.  The only rides our son could ride cost $5 since he's small.  If he was older we would have bought the unlimited ticket.  We only spent around $25 for rides and sadly only road 2 rides, like I said, Denmark is expensive.
Copenhagen, Denmark
The park was neat though.  There was an aquarium which of course cost money, I think around $8, and we got to see them feed the fish.  There was also a nice playground which our kid loved.  We enjoyed our time at the park and are glad we chose to do that.  Copenhagen is a nice city and I would go back. 

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