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Coordinating A Wedding – How To Do It Right!

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

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A wedding is a really beautiful occasion that many little girls dream about. However, many new brides, and their grooms, become flustered due to all the stress and challenges they will face along the planning process. Fortunately, an amazing wedding ceremony and reception can be organized if newly engaged couples follow a few simple steps. From the cake to the reception location, coordinating a dream wedding does not have to be a nightmare.

Take The Help!

Organizing a wedding can’t be done by one person. Although the bride tries to take on each and every part of the planning process herself, it is important to utilize help. Hundreds of people will offer to help the newly engaged couple but they are always quickly turned down. The bride and the groom want to do it all on their own but why waste perfectly good help, especially when it is offered? The couple should allow others to help during each aspect of the wedding including planning, organizing, setting up and cleaning up.

Time will Tell!

Coordinating a wedding takes time. The sooner a bride and groom understand this, the better. There is absolutely no way to plan a wedding and reception within a few days. When a bride becomes engaged, she usually gets overly excited and sets a date without thinking it through. The couple should plan the wedding for at least a year in advance. They can set up a calendar of things that need to be done and planned. Choose one aspect of the wedding to work on each week or every two weeks. It is best for the bride and groom not to plan something each week, though. Trying to fit one duty in each week can be very overwhelming for everyone. They should follow their plan on their organizer or calendar and stick to it. This will give ample time to plan and even allow for bumps in the road. Yes, there will be bumps in the road.

Allow Bumps In The Road!

Unfortunately, there will be bumps in the road during the planning process. There always is and there always will be. This is another rule that couples need to learn. Plus, the bride needs to understand that just because a favorite photographer is booked up already, her special day will not be ruined. Brides will need to suck it up quickly and move on. They will need to find another photographer. If the bride’s dream location is not available for the date that she and her fiance has chosen? Well, there are two choices. She can either find another location or the couple can decide on another date. It is really very simple. Plan ahead and allow for these bumps in the road because they will be there.

The wedding day should be a joyous event. Unfortunately, many brides turn into evil women who only care about their special day. However, they must remember that it is also their fiance special day and an event their families will hold close to their hearts. A wedding will not make a great marriage so couples should focus on the planning time together and place this same amount of work on each other.

Today’s guest post was provided by Amanda Sani, blogger for Amanda is originally from sunny San Diego, California and spends her free time reading Game of Thrones and exploring the beach.

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