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Cooler End to January

By Scarecrow
Update: Last week of January  Cooler End to January The Echinacea survived the heat and has decided to flower for the first time in my garden.
Lowest Min 5.3C
Highest Max 37.1C after this the temperature didn't go above 28C
No Recorded Rainfall
Potting on:

Ruby Brussels Sprouts as they germinate
Kale Vates Blue Curled
Broccoli Royal Dome
Greek Basil
Basil Genovese
Pomegranate from a cutting
Divided and Potted up:
Lebanese Cress
Planted out:
Basil Genovese
Silverbeet seedling
Upland Cress seedlings
Lebanese Cress pieces
Strawberry Runners

Cooler End to January
With the cooler weather I have at last been able to sort through the propagation tables. Some seedlings have finally made it into the garden while the autumn seeds are germinating quickly and being potted up as this happens.
I thought I'd lost the Stevia plant during the's quite temperamental really. Several times I have watched it's leaves frizzle back to nothing or be eaten to the ground by some little pest and then it suddenly sprouts new growth from the base. This time I have divided the plant into two new ones. One day I might be able to harvest some of those extremely sweet leaves. I'm not sure what I'd use them for though as I rarely add sugar to things these days...and I would need to harvest and dry a significant amount to use in any baking!!

Cooler End to JanuaryI recently watched this episode from Bits out The Back Here where Rob Bob took a heap of runners off his strawberry patch so when I found a few  runners on the new Strawberry plants (Hokowase) out the back...
...I now have 7 little pots hidden amongst the strawberries. These were new plants purchased last winter otherwise I wouldn't bother with runners from old plants.
I do need to remind myself to water them though as this bed is a wicking bed and not one I normally hand water. 

The new Upland Cress seedlings I have planted in the same bed should help me remember as I like to hand water new seedlings for a couple of weeks when planted into the wicking beds.

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