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Convert Your Handwriting into a Free Font!

Posted on the 13 December 2012 by Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Convert your handwriting into a free font! It's no secret that I worship fonts and typography (you'll find plenty of links to wordy posters or free fonts over on my facebook page), but today I discovered something pretty amazing - a site where you can convert your own handwriting into a font to use on your computer.
Here is the tutorial - if it is not showing up as a new font, you can see it written in my new handwriting font by clicking on the image in the top corner!
OMG - I am soooo excited! I just found a site where you can make your own font from your handwriting for FREE, and it is easy once you get the hang of it: 1.   Visit the website below, 2.   Download the template, 3.   Fill out the template (TAKE YOUR TIME and use a MEDIUM thickness pen;  I used a thin black pen which didnt work so I had to re-trace all my letters which is why it looks scratchy), 4.   Scan the template into your computer, 5.   Upload the file onto the free-font website, 6.   Wait for it to convert, 7.   Right click on the ttf file it generates to save it to your computer, 8.   Drag a copy of the font into your font file on your hard drive. 9.   Start using it in word or powerpoint! 10.   (More instructions on the site). Best wishes, Linda @ Partycraft Secrets X (PS this image was made in Wordfrom my own handwriting font... again; go slow or you end up with some funny results... but it really works amazingly well and is so much fun!)  Here is the website: Enjoy! Linda.

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