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Posted on the 17 August 2012 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl


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   Once again, Americans are debating Gun Control, and, once again, the opposing argument lacks logic. Each time some nut-job goes on a killing spree, socialists push for abolishing the Second Amendment ~and, frankly, it’s pissing this American off! Nothing is more frustrating than arguing with a person who has not thought out the theory of their position. This American has pondered and analyzed the misguided ignorant theory of Gun Control, and the following is how I see it:


   First, the Constitution was enacted to protect America and her citizens; each dilution of the Amendments will prove cause and effect on the People’s Rights. The Right to Bear Arms was given to protect self, family, business, and country. Who will protect the individual from the Evils of society if not themselves; the Government? Hell, they won’t protect our Borders, which would provide protection for America ; how can I entertain they give a damn about me, the invisible individual? Dependency on Government is a fool’s bet!


   Secondly, Gun Control only controls the lawful ~not the lawless! Socialists and Marxists will never have the power to prevent killers and low-lives from obtaining guns. If anything, they will only empower the lawless, and turn decent citizens into criminals. What is more, it’s hard to control guns when those whose job it is to enforce Gun Control (i.e. Justice Department) are literally handing guns to Drug Cartels! Proof, “Dumb and Ridiculous” theories have deadly consequences.


   Thirdly, previous amendments to Gun Rights have proven ineffective in eradicating violence. If indeed these amendments worked (i.e. background checks, thee day waiting periods, limiting ammunition sales), the recent mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin couldn’t have happened. The fact is, gun control is impossible to enforce; there will always be Black Markets where criminals can purchase or barter for firearms. What are needed are, stronger deterrents and sentences for those who commit violent acts upon another; not punishment upon the lawful for the actions of the lawless.


   Additionally, knives, bows and arrows, automobiles, alcohol, sports, some foods, and a plethora of other things kill people; shall we ban those items as well? Should we make the Big Mac illegal because it can cause heart disease? Do we make it illegal to drive an automobile because some drive irresponsibly? Of course not! What we do is punish those who abuse their rights and privileges. Guns are no different people! Guns don’t kill people, people kill people ~and, you can’t control that!


   In conclusion, Gun Control is an egotistical attempt from the left to falsely pacify the fears of the ignorant and simple-minded. Another feeble effort from the current Administration to brainwash constituents into a false sense of security, and dependency on government! The day Obama stations the Secret Service in front of my property, is the very day I will consider relinquishing my firearm! Until then, security to this American is: knowing if a robber, rapist, or murder breaks in my home, I have a 44-mag to welcome them!


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