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Contemplations on Vulnerability…

By Jenrene
Contemplations on Vulnerability…


Love is about vulnerability. The closer I get to my husband the more vulnerable I feel.

I think it’s interesting how sometimes we grow through vulnerable moments. I confided in my husband last night about how vulnerable I am with him and how it makes me realize new things about myself and my nature. The great person that he is, he only encouraged me that ’my vulnerability’ would help me to be the best person I can possibly be –  because we are on this journey to becoming one.

I  havent really ever liked being vulnerable.  It’s really scary if you aren’t used to the feeling. I am not sure a lot of people like this feeling. I recall a time when any sort of vulnerability made me feel extremely uncomfortable, and it made me feel as if I was really confused.  I felt weak  open for harm and  even afraid. Some of us have been burned when we have lended our hearts, if even for a moment to someone we thought we can trust. Pain isn’t pretty – and we run and hide from it when we feel weak towards it.   Some have found out through desperation and shame that our vulnerability only led us to more regret  incidences of rejection or  more abandonment.

So what’s the cure? Is there one? IS there ever a time where vulnerability gives us a remedy? A chance to be somehting beautiful?

Sure, it does. I believe this place is in being fully surrendered and sold out to God’s purpose. I started this blog post talking about being able to be vulnerable to my spouse. The only way I can, is because I know God sent him to me.  How do I know God sent him? Because God sends all things beautiful.  But even more… God’s signature is on things He sends our way. I could see God in HIs smile, His thoughts, his dreams he had  for his life, his gentle nature and his life purpose. God was in there.  So when He came, I recognized Him.  (He was easy to spot.) But ONLY because I had spent time with God, first.

I am learning in this life, that some of the best relationships I have are with those that are cultivated and allow me to share. Having  a sense of vulnerability in my relationships makes them authentic. Somehow,  I  tend to cherish those relationships, because they help me to mature.   To know more about myself. Thise are the relationships you never desire to EVER let go.    (Selah.)

If love is about vulnerability, then it must also be about maturity.

If you are in a relationship and it doesn’t challenge your sense of maturity, then you probably should not be in it.

Relationship with God, requires vulnerability. It’s cool, because once you get to a place in God where you are secure, you begin rise. You begin to have a different kind of confidence. You take off… because you understand being connected to the Vine, is necessary for growth.

I believe on the other side of true vulnerability, is faith, love and hope.   That means on the other side of vulnerability is also true relationship. Epiphany. Revelation. Trust. Resolve.

And…of course…Blessing.

So if you struggle with vulnerability, today. Ask yourself: what am I afraid of? What’s the worst that can happen in this place? And … Should I first offer God this place, in order to be safe?

Don’t give your heart away to someone who hasn’t earned that space.

Some are worthy of that space. Others aren’t.


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