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Contemplations On Relating: Owning Your Value & Your Worth.

By Jenrene

I am what one may say -- a relationship expert. Of that, take great pride. But I haven't always been here... yea...proud.

I am not perfect, and I don't know a whole lot about what a relationship takes to make it work, but I really can appreciate a good one. I know when I have a good one. Bad relationships are like a crack in the glass. (And since I have one on my windshield, currently, I thought it might be best share what that's been like. ) It's expensive. Costly. And it gets in the way of your vision your hopes for the future. After a while, you tend t ignore it, but t still has the capacity to cloud your vision. And sometimes our relationships are like that, cause we settle for LESS. A bad relationship can weigh you down and keep you from purposing your life in the right direction.

However, I am one who cares immensely about how women ( & men...) are treated in relationships, and I HATE domestic violence for HUGE reasons. I decided a long time ago, that placing myself as a priority, is MOST important. I once counseled a woman in Syracuse, NY, who only took about five weeks to fully determine she didn't want to be in the relationship and it was pretty awesome to see her walk away only after a sort time of self-evaluation. I believe anyway can walk away from a relationship if they do the proper self-evaluation and take the time to do the self work, because it makes them decide to fly. Yet why does it take time to wake up and realize our worth, and our value and how do we become so stuck in this place?

I hope to explore that in the next few blog posts.

One of the biggest problems women suffer with in relationships, is self-doubt. Women often second guess their intuition.

I know, because I did this for years. And that was VERY costly,too.

Then one day I decided I would begin to purposely take the time to do some quiet and meditate, self-evaluate and do a personal self-study of what it took to be honest with myself about my self-confidence. (Man, was it worth it! ) Along the way I found a really good book, by Brene Brown. Her speeches on vulnerability are the best. (Brene' Brown vulnerability (You should check her out.) She take a good look at the influence of shame and our inner dialogue that happens with our own personal self-confidence. It's crucial to getting past the lies we tell ourselves. Reading her book :"The Gifts of Imperfection: Letting Go Of Who You're Supposed to Be and Embracing Who You Are" , was freeing.

If women doubt themselves they begin to eventually doubt every action, and it causes them to not make even ONE decision at all, that can help them. If she doesn't make a decision at all, she forever remains confused, disillusioned, and stagnant.

Don't allow a sour or broken and misguided relationship keep your from achieving your goals Life is too short already! Why limit it even more with excess baggage? Make a conscious choice today to be intentional about your destiny, your future, and OWN your confidence.


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