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By Hanamarie @HanaMarie__
Whilst at PV i collected a lot of research and information about future trends , i also made notes about the trends i was picking up when looking though all the print designs.
For Spring/Summer 13 : FabricFull & Light - Elaborating full and light creating contoured shilohettes structured by delicate layering , playing on transparencies.Fabrics are to have fluorescent energy with solar light diffusing cottons.Transparent fabrics to become More visible with the use of Lazar cut motifs and burnt out sections creating creative mutli layering.
Massive & Supple -Daring massive volume which is created with subtle textiles.Creating spimplicity but adding rich tones and contrasting natural elements with synthetics.Garments are finished by more contemporary techniques such as fusing and bonding rather than traditional sewing.Fabrics are to be double facing playing with print clash and textural elements.
Fluid long & Lean : Mixing up the idea of cities and sports creating a more fluid and active life.Fusing nature and technology to create a surreal and almost impossible vegetation.Fabrics are to have sport and practical quality but designed in a more unique and relaxed way.
Contacts & Trend inspiration
Contacts & Trend inspiration
Contacts & Trend inspiration
Contacts & Trend inspirationAll writing and images copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

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