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Conspiracy, Treason, and the Ease of "Diplomatic Immunity"

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Why would the GOP use a political Issue,such as Immigration, to hold hostage Homeland Security?...for people who keep talking and bitching about securing our borders...they sure don't give a rat's ass about securing our country from foreign government spy networks, terrorist cells, or foreign leaders who reveal US negotiation secrets to the press, to hurt the country's effort in negotiations.
"Diplomatic Immunity"?...nice to be a leader of a country! When an American Political Party takes allegiance to a Foreign Leader and its government, over their own...that's "Treason"!!!  Defying and humiliating the President of the United States by violating the Logan undermine US/Iran nuclear negotiations. A conspiracy between the Speaker of the US House of the Representative and the Prime Minister of Israel...sordidly negotiating a secret plan without the knowledge of the President of the United States, in order to hurt US/Iranian diplomatic relations...while Netanyahu lobbies Congress for legislation eliminating the Executive Branch's power and authority to negotiate in any way, whatsoever with Iran...and hand Bibi authority to declare war on our behalf.
Read the "Kirk-Menendez Bill, section 2(b)(5)"...a stipulation that "whenever Israel feels to take military action against Iran, the United States is compelled to provide “military support” to Israel."
Yes, folks! once again, we're being manipulated back into a War by a war-hungry selfish old white Republican Party, eager to make more of the Big Money at the expense of our young men and women...and now by someone who has absolutely no concern for the people of America...his only agenda is the Israeli Elections, and push for an all out Israeli invasion of Iran!
In the end...when is all over...nothing will ever change. In a country where the only love for Americans is the American's the United States, once again left holding the Body Bags and naturally, paying for all the post-war reconstruction...all to satisfy a madman's crave for his vision of Israel.
Can Boehner be brought up on treason charges? This is the Republican Party!...where treason is part of life...committing Treason by leaking to the press the identity of the CIA's lead spy on Nuclear Weapons, or how Scooter Libby took the fall for then VP Dick Cheney. Leaking secrets to the press!! Bibi and Boehner...two degenerate characters in the grand tradition of Ronald Reagan...negotiating with a foreign government behind the back of Jimmie Carter, to manipulate an Election. Oh! Republicans have always been so righteous! Cowards love to start wars...but not lead from the front lines!
Boehner's Conspiracy To Empower Netanyahu To Start America's War With Iran

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