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Conservatives' Shameful Religious Hypocrisy and Their Attempt to Justify Discrimination!

Posted on the 01 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Hiding under the facade of "Religious Freedom"...the totally sinful immorality of their actions! Spewing the Bible and Jesus Christ, while putting themselves above God! Ignorance is bliss in the Evangelical worlds interpreting the Bible whichever way fits their own bigotry and hate...then justifying it by glorifying their actions!
Decades of lies, baby feeding generations after a book of 'Literature', written by many different people, all with their own personal interpretation. How correct can they be about the Bible if they prefer to re-write it? Do they know more than the people who wrote it?...over 2000 years ago?
It is widely known, that in the very 1st true Christian religion, Catholicism, that God's 'representative' on Earth, 'is' the Pope! His words are 'Dogma' to all Roman Catholics and the Catholic Church. Whether you follow his words or not, is up to you!...the fact remains, the Pope speaks for God. And whether you agree with him or doesn't change it! The Pope is God's agent on this Good Earth, and when he speaks...people listen! Lately, with the advent of Pope appears a whole lot more people are suddenly really listening, and coming back into the fold!
My question to all these "Holier Than Thou" good Christians, who invoke "God", "Jesus", "The Lord"...and/or "Hallelujah"! least once in every phrase, throughout their lives: When has God, ever said to discriminate over another fellow human being? not what someone else wrote! but what has 'he' said? When has the Pope said 'Discrimination' is right?...even Religious discrimination? It'll be interesting to hear what he says to 'this' crazy Congress!!
Meanwhile, the batshit is hanging from the rafters...just waiting to fall and anoint another mouthpiece for Jesus and Religious Freedom! And they just can't rush fast enough to have it fall straight on their face...the taste for batshit can be habit forming on the road to the Presidency. Jeb Bush appealing to the Ultra Right? FOX's resident Sexist-Homophobe with a severe case of Gynephobia, Tucker's nothing wrong to discriminate! Morning Joe defending Mike Pence with his usual lines of stupidity, and the list goes on...the nastier and filthier you can be within a society where you've become a social outcast, the better! You can become a "Star" in the GOP!
On the question of LGBT, Pope Francis said; "Who am I to Judge?" If you're a true Christian, you 'know' you will meet your maker...and how he's going to judge you for all your actions on this earth!! If you're a true Christian, you would not judge anyone and love your fellow man...that's what Jesus taught!
Justifying any semblance whatsoever of "Religious Freedom" for any type of discrimination, is just an excuse to legally allow a person's shameful Racist and Bigoted mind to act negatively upon their fellow human. Equal Rights is not Exclusive!
I would love to be a fly on the wall at St. Peter's Gate, when all this Batshit is judged!!...Lucifer is going to need a little more patience to put up with this crowd!!...and open more real estate, to fit them all!
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