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Conservatives' Inability To Understand A Less Conservative America!

Posted on the 08 May 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
When you hear the same BS over! and over! and over!...for every single problem, the same illusionary solutions...but not one concrete fact, policy, or plan on anything whatsoever! Only the educationally challenged and the closed minded Religious zealot, remains listening!
The GOP has been exposed! the Emperor's New Clothes...the general public and the world sees through all their pretentions. Yet, to everyone's amazement...they remain incredibly ignorant of 'that' fact!
"A Less Conservative America"...I guess to some, it's the "End of Times"...but dismissing that sector's argument; a Less Conservative America is just part of the natural evolution of man, and how We, the People have evolved as a Society. Intertwining Nationalities, Races, Cultures, Thoughts, and's just the normal act of human progression; you cannot! as much as you pray to the Lord and try! you simply cannot Physically Regress in Time! Sorry, Mr. Tea Bag! just go to the Movies and dream!
Generational Genes Intelligence...the genetics of a nation...the process of the Human Being and the gaining of Intelligence from one Generation to another. Our Nation has been a continuous learning process...the Wretched Refuse would be proud how we have progressed as people and as a nation... not as fast as many have hoped? But we're getting there slowly, but surely!...sometimes it takes a little Shock to the System and Chaos for minds to develop!...Yes, we are becoming a more Liberal Nation!
Politically, Conservative America knows this!...with every Poll taken involving the letter "R" pointing straight South, the sudden compassion for the Poor and Middle Class just makes people throw-up! Conservatism in America today has swung straight to the Extreme Far Right of the Nation with the lunatic fringe of Right Wing fanatics and Evangelicals preaching the Bible! An America ruled by Christian the name of God, naturally...when they don't even understand the true teachings of Jesus Christ!
Evangelicals are a prime reason for Christians leaving the faith! and a prime example for why Conservatism is not Politically Correct in a Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Racial, and Multi-Cultural Diverse Society!
A group of clowns that might prove that Genetic Generational Intelligence can work in reverse...they might be, far more stupid than their parents! And they still can't understand why America is Less Conservative?
A Less Conservative America - The National Memo

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