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Conflict in Israel – Pressure Mounts to Find a Solution

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


The situation in Israel is teetering on the edge of all out civil war as the massed ranks of Israeli reserve troops stand ready on the border of Gaza waiting for the signal to enter the province. In the meantime, Israeli jets scream overhead making surgical strikes within the warren of streets in Gaza City and the rockets fly from the Hamas militants towards Israeli towns and settlements. The diplomats around the world are scurrying around trying to find a peace settlement, but trying to find any middle ground between these two peoples who both claim this land as their own is hugely difficult.

Palestine Israel

The Israeli chart on the outside is set for the moment David Ben-Gurion stood up to declare the existence of the state of Israel and the Palestinian one is set for Algiers at 00:40 when Yasser Arafat the leader of the PLO declared the right for an independent state of Palestine. The synastry between these two is pretty amazing.

The Israeli Sun sits directly opposite the Palestinian on their Midheaven and the Israeli Mars sits on the Palestinian Ascendant and lies trine to the Palestinian Uranus Saturn Neptune conjunction This almost encourages violence between the two, especially as Mars every couple of years hits the natal Jupiter Mars trine in Israeli natal chart – that aspect is being impacted right now. We have Neptune square Neptune so one mode of faith against another, Saturn Pluto square Pluto Mercury - very tense, liable for verbal disagreements and battles for power and the Palestinian Pluto Mercury sits on the Israeli South Node in Scorpio. Could this be that destruction of one or the other of these two warring parties is the ultimate destiny for one or the other? The Palestinian North Node (point of destiny) sits in the 7th house of relationships and open enemies, the way to go is to negotiate but it is for the Palestinians the hardest path to take.

Palestine transits

The Palestinian chart is under bombardment as is Gaza. Neptune on the descendant is a depressing and dissolving influence especially as it is moving into the natal 7th house destabilizing international relations and the ones with sworn enemies for years to come. This influence may also be a galvanising force for countries and friends of Palestine who show the same faith. Transiting Mars is hitting the triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn and Neptune and Pluto sits bang on the natal Neptune squared by Uranus. The transiting South Node is on the Palestinian Midheaven as sign of detriment and bad fortune right now for the Palestinian people and their leaders. Jupiter is squaring the Nodal axis, negating any beneficial effect that Jupiter might have as it moves in the natal 10th house of the public image of the province. This also suggests to me faith issues and problems with international powers and relations.

There are hints of a truce but if it doesn’t occur before Venus, the planet of diplomacy, moves into Scorpio then I can’t see one happening. Venus in Libra is the ultimate sugar coated peace through gentle persuasion, negotiation and compromise influence, but once Venus moves into Scorpio then the emphasis changes with peace coming under an “all or nothing” basis. Either all the conditions are fully met, or Venus won’t accede to an agreement. Knowing these two & seeing the synastry between them, do you thing either will back down and compromise?  Just to guide you, Venus moves into Scorpio just after midnight on the 22nd November.

If we don’t see an agreement then it could get ugly. Mars is on a collision course to a square with Uranus which is currently conjunct the Palestinian Mars and then it heads for a meeting with Pluto on 27th which is conjunct natal Neptune (which is square to natal Mars). Mars conjunct Pluto is an angry connection, destructive and potentially very violent indeed.

28thNov2012 Gaza

A day later on the 28th, we have the Lunar Eclipse (full Moon) in Gemini and as it occurs we have a rather nasty omen. The eclipse happens as the Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Jupiter is exactly rising on the horizon in Israel. This Eclipse is square to Neptune and exactly square to Chiron the two most elevated planets, showing that matters of faith and wounding are prominent now. Chiron is also the planet of healing and we do have a trine here from Chiron to Saturn and Venus, but if the cease fire is not holding at this point then I doubt that this constructive energy will have much effect. The will may be there, but will it have a chance to be shown? Mars Pluto and Venus Saturn making a Yod onto the eclipsed Moon and Black Moon Lilith show the potential for violent events to occurs with huge suffering possible.

The stars do not help us now. The South Node is now on Algol, the head of the medusa and probably the most malefic star in the heavens and is heading for Capulus, a very violent star in the sword of Perseus, the warrior. These two stars show the extremes of female and male anger, revenge and savagery. At the time of the Lunar Eclipse, the South Node will be midway between the two. Mars and Pluto are meeting on Facies, the eye of the archer in Sagittarius. This is a reckless and focused place for Mars and Pluto to be, as planets on Facies show little regard for the actions they take. There are no regrets here in this part of the sky, and if violence happens over this time between Israel and the Palestinians, I fear the consequences.

I have been looking at this formation of planets for a long long time now, and I just knew something  significant would happen. The sky looked too violent for this moment in time to pass by peacefully. I pray for all in that region of the world, as I suspect they will need all the goodwill that we can muster…

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