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Confidence is Real Or It’s Nothing.

Posted on the 29 May 2014 by Calvinthedog

Well, yeah, I do have an Alpha/Sigma side to my personality. When I am in it, I am basically a self-impressed, vain, egotistical, conceited douchebag who thinks he is God’s gift to women and who walks around like he is the King of the World. I can turn that on or off at will. One thing I noticed though is that there are times when it is hard to go into that personality due to low self-esteem, a lot of lousy, failure-type things happening in my life or this or that bummers. Sometimes I cannot go into that personality, but I try anyway, and it feels like I am faking it and it’s all a big lie. That definitely does NOT work somehow, and somehow amazingly people pick up on the fact that it’s all fake.

If you are going to try to go into a personality like that, the only thing that works is that you need to believe it 100%. It may be a big lie, but you have to believe in that lie completely. Fake confidence, fake self-esteem, etc. simply does not work. If it’s not real, then hang it up. People can tell.

There are all these PUA sites telling all these guys how to act like Alpha males. Well, fine and dandy, but a lot of these probably just do not have that personality structure available to them. Sadly this sort of behavior is generally derived from experience, especially experiences in adolescence and early adulthood. In other words, a lot of Alphas/Sigmas, etc. simply had a lot of really great and successful experiences with females during these formative years. If a man does not have these successful experiences at this stage in life, I am a bit worried that he might never be able to access a personality structure like that. In particular, guys who had a lot of humiliating and degrading failures with the opposite sex seem to be damaged by these experiences far into adulthood.

These guys are not “Naturals” are going to try on the Alpha thing, and they will come across as “Synthetic” Alphas at best. It’s not going to work. Every guy cannot become an Alpha Male. It’s like having a footrace with 100 guys and saying that they are all going to finish in the Top 15%.

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