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Confessions of Two Bibliophiles #1

By Bibliobeth @bibliobeth1

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I was just looking through my mountain of books in the spare room and I’ve found a huge pile from when Gran was here. But wait.. I didn’t rejoice at new reading material! As I picked them up I ran my hand down the spine and….. it was completely ruined. She had clearly bent the spine RIGHT back and completely creased it. I thought she said she took care of her books! As much as I love her, I’m afraid I’m almost obsessive about keeping a perfect spine, even if I have to hold my book at a weird angle. HELP! Am I strange?!

Chrissi x


Are you strange? Well, I don’t think so, but maybe we are both freaks? I too am a “non-spine bender” and can’t stand to see books being bent right back. I lent the Larsson ”Dragon Tattoo” series of books out to someone recently which were in pristine condition after I had read them (of course!) and they were given back to me completely bent and creased – arrgh! What do you do in that situation? I’ve got to the point now where I hate to lend books out unless I know I’m going to get them back in an acceptable condition – thats why I lend books to you! Are we going to far? Are we book spine Nazi’s? I’m so silly about it that if I see someone bending a book back I physically wince.

Beth x


I totally think we are book spine Nazi’s! I get so funny about lending out my books that I only really lend them if I know they’re going to someone who respects the spine! (Like you!) Oh dear, that really is obsessive bookish behaviour.  Hmm… but I’m much happier knowing my books are as perfect as when I first opened them. It’s so awkward though. I don’t know how to deal with a spine-bender.  ”Can I borrow that after you’ve read it?” Me: “Um… how do you treat your books?” I usually try and encourage them to buy their own copy!

Chrissi x

So… what do you guys think? Are we crazy or do you feel our pain? We hope to have a really great discussion about this so please feel free to join in!

Love Beth and Chrissi xx

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