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Compost 2011

By Scarecrow
Compost 2011Winter is a great time to get stuck into some compost building.
My latest heap has a variety of ingredients:
  • A base layer of chopped Asparagus fronds that had died back for the winter this is to allow plenty of air beneath the heap.
  • Shredded paper that had been bedding in the chook house so it was mixed with lots of old chooky poop
  • A bale of Certified Organic Sugar Cane Mulch
  • Cow Manure from our farmer friends
  • Nettles and Dandelions from the chook runs
  • Wattle and fruit tree leaf litter
  • Azolla from an overgrown pond!
  • Chopped Broad Bean foliage from Bed1
It is watered at each turning (if needed) with rainwater mixed with worm juice from the worm farm. Each time I brew up worm castings (see how Here) I give the heap a sprinkling too!!
Compost 2011More Information on Compost Making HERE

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