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Common Questions About The Jobs We Have

By Ovid @OvidPerl


Begijnhof, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photo by Bert Kaufmann

As most of you know, we're partnering with a company offering jobs in Amsterdam, complete with work permit and relocation package. We've spoken to a lot of people and I thought it would be a good idea to try to answer some common questions all at once.
What's the 30% Ruling?
In the Netherlands, if you meet certain requirements, the company can lower your salary by 30% and you get taxed on the 70% remaining. The rest of the 30% is given back to you tax-free. This is a government program designed to help offset the expenses of living in a foreign country.
There are three requirements to earning the 30% ruling. Candidates have to live  at least150 km outside the Dutch boarder when they are hired, they should have a Bachelor degree with at least 2 years work experience and a minimum income of 52k per year. In case a candidate is under 30 years old, they should have a Master Degree and a minimum income of 40k.
This is a change, I might add. I previously earned the 30% ruling and I would no longer qualify (no Bachelor's degree). I guess I'm not moving back to the Netherlands any time soon.
Bringing Partners?

Yes, you can bring your partner, married or not. This appears to contradict recent changes in Dutch immigration laws, but I'm assured that they've changed the laws again and yes, you can bring your partner.


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photo by Bert Kaufmann

Can I Bring My Pet?
Probably. This web site describes many legal aspects of moving the Netherlands, including bringing pets.
Length of Time for Recruiting Process
CV’s will be reviewed within 48 hours. The next step is a technical phone interview of 30 – 45 minutes, which can be scheduled within a week. If you get invited for a face-to-face interview in Amsterdam they try to arrange this as soon as possible. The company will take care of the travel arrangements, including paying for your flights and hotel. In case a candidates needs a visa in order to visit The Netherlands, the company needs to schedule the interview a few weeks ahead in order to arrange the visa.
This Web site will help you understand Dutch taxes.
The salary is between 40 to 60k euro’s per year. The company also offers a quarterly bonus up to 16% and a yearly bonus for candidates who are performing really well. Salary is flexible for the right candidates. They don’t want to lose good people.
Note that if you also qualify for the 30% ruling, you're effectively getting a large pay hike of several hundred euros a month.
Paperwork for Accepting the Job?
If a job is offered, the company will need copy of a passport and birth certificates (in English and apostilles) for the candidate + partner/family as well. In case a candidate is married, they also need a marriage certificate (English and apostilles).
Also, several candidates have been interviewed and as of this writing, at least two candidates are being scheduled to fly out to Amsterdam for face-to-face interviews. So far things are looking up and people are getting closer to their dreams of living abroad!

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