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Coming to Sanfermines? Try Bullrunning Trainer!

By Jjgn @TravAroundSpain
Bullrunning Trainer has been developed by Kukuxumusu (well-known T-shirt manufacturer) and the Pamplona City Hall. With Bullrunning Trainer you can obtain the necessary information and training to allow you to run the famous Pamplona running of the bulls more confidently.  Coming to Sanfermines? Try Bullrunning Trainer! Test your physical fitness by simulating that you are running in the Pamplona running of the bulls. Carry out a test to calculate the rate of risk of suffering an accident in the running of the Bulls. In the guide you can find out some basic information about what a running of the bulls is; learn how to run and get some advice as well as some curious details about it. Check out a data bank with complete information on all the running of the bulls since 1980.  Coming to Sanfermines? Try Bullrunning Trainer! Download it for FREE here !
Release: 1.2. Date 2011, Jan 10th
Size: 15.7 MB
Languages: Spanish, English
Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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