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Combat Footage from Ukraine

Posted on the 08 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

Street to street fighting in Chernukhino. The NAF is entering the town that is occupied by Ukies. They come under heavy automatic weapons and mortar fire very quickly. They take refuge in a partly destroyed house and use it and especially its backyard to fire on the enemy.

I could not figure out what they were shooting with their Kalashnikovs. They were fitting these cylindrical objects onto their rifles and then shooting them. I did a bit of research and apparently you can outfit a Kalashnikov with a grenade launcher! You learn new things every day. Later they bring out some RPG launchers and fire some rocket propelled grenades. I know that that the popping sounds that sound like firecrackers are automatic weapons fire, but I wasn’t sure what the whistling sounds were. That is not the whistling a mortar makes before it falls. It was something different. Is that they sound bullets make when they fly over your head. They make a whistling sound?

Anyway, pretty cool video.

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