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Cold Weather Wear

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
Cold Weather Wear
 (1. Oversized Grey Ant inspired sunglasses 2. vintage Navajo sweater, polka dot tights, Sam Edelman Zoe boots 3. vintage tiger sweatshirt, army green military jacket, black microfiber leggings, black shearling wedges 4. Slouchy grey suede boots, classic black peacoat, green infinity scarf 5. fur earmuffs 6. Fur lined hat with earflaps )
I recently got asked by my friend Tara if I could do a cold weather blog considering she  lives in Spain, and I guess the weather isn't as lovely as here in SD! Being that I live in  San Diego and a cold winter day here is what many would consider Summer, meaning dressing  for extreme drops in temperature is a rarity for me. I do travel though, and often times I head  off to some pretty chilly parts of the States. Therefore I compiled some of my travel photos to show how I conquer the cold, without sacrificing style. Hope this helps keep all of you a little  bit warmer this winter season. Cold Weather Wear
Cold Weather Wear First things first when trying to keep warm, carry a hot beverage. Not only will it warm you from  the inside out, but it will also double as a nice hand warmer!
Cold Weather Wear Chunky knit sweaters are all the rage right now, and perfect for a cold night. The fact that this  one is navajo inspired is even better. Tights are also always a must in the cold. Now, if it is really  cold, I suggest wearing tights on leggings under your jeans. Trust me, life saver!
Cold Weather Wear You probably saw this picture few days ago on my blog as I was recently faced with some  extremely chilly weather on a trip to Portland.. I am not usually a huge fan of layering, but  this sweater with the jacket was just too cute... and toasty! I put on my thickest leggings as  well as my black shearling wedges with high socks underneath (for added warmth of course). 
Cold Weather Wear This picture kind of sucks, but it is a great example of a warm weather outfit. You can never go  wrong with a classic black peacoat. I paired my coat during an especially cold day with a long  sleeve shirt underneath (I love when the sleeves are longer than the coat), gray thigh high suede  boots, and of course a fun chunky scarf. 
Cold Weather Wear Okay, so hopefully you don't take me seriously with this one, as I am pretty much making  fun of myself. These pictures are so silly that my mom insisted I take. These were actually for my  sister who lives in the cold & I was just modeling so we could send her pics. In reality though,  these 2 accessories are actually really fun for an especially cold day. These are the sort of pieces  that make me really wanna go to the snow. 

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