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Cold Weather Running: the Basics

By Alustforallseasons @bgstrzelczyk
Cold weather running: the basics
Screw the treadmill. You don't need a lot of stuff -- and you definitely don't need to spend a lot of money -- to keep running all winter long. A few basics are enough to get you through even the coldest of days (and this is coming from a Boston runner).
Cold-weather running basics:
  1. Hat: Heat escapes the body through the head so a good running hat is crucial. I love this one from Lululemon because it has a ponytail hole in the back. 
  2. Headband: A hat may be too warm when the temps are in the high 20s or low 30s -- or when it's super sunny. For these situations, I recommend a running headband. Your ears will stay warm but you won't overheat.
  3. Mockneck: Winter running is all about layering, and this Under Armour mockneck is the perfect bottom layer. (Plus it keeps your neck warm!)
  4. Jacket: Even though it's cold, you're still going to sweat so you need breathable materials. When buying a jacket, think thin. You want it to block out snow and wind but you also want it to let in some air. I also like my jackets to have hoods since the weather can change at any moment in New England. (Side note: This Nike jacket is on sale for $49.99!)
  5. Tights: Depending on the temperature, running tights can be worn alone or as a base. I often wear running shorts over my tights to a. keep my bum warm and b. keep my tights from falling down (oddly, this seems to be a common problem among runners). 
  6. Pants. If tights aren't your thing -- or you want another bottom layer -- these Nike thermal pants are a good option.  
  7. Gloves: I have yet to find a pair of gloves that keep my fingers warm. So instead I wear two pairs of gloves. And since I'm horrible at keeping track of them, I buy the base gloves for $3 at CVS. They're not breathable AT ALL -- but they work well enough for me. If you want to be fancier, a super thin pair like this City Sports version would be good. For the top layer, go for a thicker pair -- like these Mizuno ones. 
Some additional tips:
  • Before you hit the running and sporting goods stores, check out Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I've gotten almost all of my running gear -- including the above Under Armour mockneck -- at these stores for SUPER cheap. (Just ask Alex!)
  • Your body heats up a lot while your running, so dress as though it's 20 degrees warmer. You should be a little chilly when you first step outside. 
  • If you're really not sure what to wear on your run, check out this awesome "what should I wear" tool from RunnersWorld. It's pretty much a lifesaver.

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