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Cocktail Pear, Vodka and Lime

By Brii
it is Friday again, little past five, it is time for the Friday 5 o'clock swill!
Cocktail Pear, vodka and limelasta time I was in Ikea, I found a funny tin was a soft drink with bubbles (carbonated), with Pear taste.I bought two not knowing exactly what to do with them,so I've been looking for these cans for more then 10daysand yesterday I tried something.this is for you Sam of the bar Il Porticciolo of Castelletto.happy birthday!
pears, vodka and lime
you need:vodka q.blime zestspear soft drink with bubbles  (IKEA)
pears, vodka and lime
leave the lime zests in the vodka for a couple of hours (in the fridge)pour in glasses and add the pear soft drinkenjoy!
it is good!:-DDDD
this is the sunset this evening. Finally it has been so grey and foggy the last 10days.
orange 18 febb 2011
sunset 18 febb 2011

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