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Climate Change & Temperature

Posted on the 09 January 2012 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Apart from the great financial impacts, the human impact is being already felt. Millions are starving throughout the globe, and with the World’s population is rising steadily, the situation will only continue to deteriorate if temperature and climate is allowed to continue unimpeded.

To understand how mankind can counter global warming, we must understand what brought it about. There are several holes in the ozone layer, caused by gases emitted from the Earth’s atmosphere and rising into the atmosphere. These gases have been caused by the use of certain noxious chemicals, some of which were used in agricultural. One of them in particular, Methyl Bromide, has largely been banned from use. Another minor cause in temperature and climate changes is the use of aerosol sprays, which might seem petty and
innocuous, has had some effect, scientist say. However the principal gases being emitted into the atmosphere are from industry and vehicle exhaust systems.

thumb globe temp Climate Change & Temperature
Only very recently has the United States Government begun to realize how much these factors have affected the situation. However the realization among all of us is that it will take years if not decades to put and end t o the emission of gases. This can only be achieved through a gradual transition to cleaner energy.

In the meantime, mankind will have to live with the catastrophic effects that these temperature and climate changes are bringing upon us.

Natural disasters are becoming a much more common place, the most prominent example being the Indian Ocean Tsunami that occurred in 2004, causing the deaths or more than 300,000 people and destruction of property at a tremendous scale. Hurricanes and typhoons over the last few years have been increasingly frequent and more violent, again at great cost to lives and property.

However, temperature and climate changes have become a silent killer, due to acute shortages of water being felt all over the World, Drinking water is increasingly short of supply as well as water for agriculture to supply the most basic foods for the starving millions.

Great efforts are being made to increase water supplies through desalination and waste water treatment , but it may be a case of too little too late to save many millions of people who are slowly starving to death.  If and when mankind succeeds in reversing the changes in our weather patterns caused by temperature and climate changes, only then can their situation improve.

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