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Cliff Hanger

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I loved this comment left on my last post: image

This time in my life could be a Lifetime movie called, “Ironman Diaries: Pain, Suffering and Ecstasy to the Finish” or something dumb like that. By the way – my favorite Lifetime movie title of all time? My Stepson, My Lover. 

Here is the update on my back because I know the suspense has kept you awake for the past three nights and you all need some rest, dammit.

PT Bob thinks that a tweak I made to my bike seat plus the cold morning air was to blame for my back seizing up after Saturday’s 30 mile ride. He did some therapeutic ultrasound and cortisone cream on my sacrum (sounds dirty, it wasn’t) and showed me some stretches to do. He promised me this would not happen on race day. I am not sure how he knows that, but I decided to believe him because it made me feel better.  He did not think this back problem was the universe punishing me for overflowing the toilet at the pool the other day (and not fessing up).

After getting rubbed, I got on the bike for a short spin and did about 1,500 yards in the pool. The back is tight, but manageable. YES!!!!!!  How does it look accentuated by frozen peas?


Yes, Levis are still in style when you are 46.

I am now in a good mood again. Funny how when you can’t train and you are injured you are pissy as hell, then the minute it turns the corner, all is right with the world.

Okay, now I have to tell you what I saw on my bike ride today. I was on a sort of busy road (not highway, but busy enough to have a line down the middle). I saw a runner coming towards me. It appeared she was wearing running capris and a sports bra. As I passed her, I realized she was wearing running capris and a bra-bra, as in a real life everyday bra from somewhere like Victoria’s Secret.  And, it was not as if she was built like me, the President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Oh, no. She was endowed. Can’t say I’d seen this before. You?

Off to watch the Biggest Loser. Will you be tuning in tonight? What do you think of how things have started out? I like the people this time around and somehow it seems less full of drama and more focused on why the people are there. To get healthy! I wonder if they will do the marathon this season. Please! Also, did you know the Biggest Loser is now putting on half marathons in six cities?


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