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Cleveland Marathon Training – Race Day is Almost Here!

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611

Most of you know I've flown up from Florida to Cleveland because I"m participating in the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon by doing the half marathon this year. I've done this race for a few years now, partly because it's in May and partly because I enjoy a visit with my family every year. Last year I was a Guest Blogger for the race and this year I have had the privilege of being chosen as a Race Ambassador.

I have shared my training with you (even though it hasn't been all that great), and when I'm finished with the race, I'll share a race recap with all of you too! Since I got to Cleveland Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I haven't been blogging. (If you are my Facebook friend, however, you've been subjected to the picture after picture of my adorably awesome grandson, Dylan since we've been very busy playing together.)

Tonight was the VIP Reception at the Hyatt downtown. When I used to work at a law firm in downtown Cleveland "back in the day", I used to know this building as the old Arcade. (I left the Cleveland area in 2000 when I moved to Florida.) It was really cool to drive downtown this evening, noticing the many, many changes happening in this city, my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. I parked my car on St. Clair near 6th Street across the street from the Westin Hotel. Back in the very early 1980's, I worked at the Bond Court Hotel and met some famous rock stars while working there. Funny that it's gone and now the Westin is there - I kept looking back and forth thinking I was just missing the Bond Court until I realized it had been replaced!

Anyway, so the reception - I walked a couple of blocks up to the Arcade - I mean, the Hyatt, and got a name badge a the table in the front. There was a cool sign listing all the race ambassadors and saw my name there. I looked around at the young women (and a couple of guys) with name badges and because I knew their names from Facebook, from the Cleveland Marathon website listing us, and from other social media, I introduced myself to the other race ambassadors. They are a great group of young runners and I"m honored to be standing in their presence - I'm thinking I was the token 50+ runner!)

We all had the privilege of enjoying great food and some great conversation together. I met some of the sponsors and some of the people "behind the scenes" of the race. I was also able to talk to someone involved in the race that I discovered actually went to school with one of my cousins. This seems to happen quite a bit in my life, and I always enjoy discovering how we all know each other and the connections between people.

I'm really excited /nervous for Sunday! I have a 2-bedroom suite at the Hyatt (Arcade) for tomorrow night so my son daughter in law and grandson will be joining me in the room. This way they can sleep in and just catch up with me at the finish line if they want. It will also be nice to not have to drive downtown, hustle around looking for a parking space and all the other pre-race things that just add to my nervousness on race day.

I've checked my suitcase twice now - I have all my gear - I didn't forget anything! My grandson was playing around with one of my Hokas and I almost ripped it out of his hand before I realized it was just a shoe and I needed to calm down a little! Okay, I'm finally going to bed. Tomorrow I will be doing some more family visiting, heading to the expo, checking in at the Hyatt and then I will be on countdown. I'll report in when the race is over!

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